China launches advanced communications satellite

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China today successfully launched an experimental communications satellite, outfitted to test the use of ion engine attitude thrusters as well as ground-to-orbit laser communications tests.

The article also outlines China’s busy launch schedule in April, which will include the launch and first test flight of their Tianzhou-1 cargo freighter. That flight will test the freighter’s ability to rendezvous and dock with their Tiangong-2 test space station module. This article notes that the freighter has been mounted on its Long March 7 rocket in preparation for launch in mid-April.

Posted in the air, now past Nova Scotia and moving into the Atlantic.

I must say that I am very glad to get out of Newark Airport. Though they have recently upgraded the airport, they have done so at the cost of providing affordable services to the traveler. All the restaurants there are very over-priced, and provide tiny portions. I actually ended up eating two dinners at two different restaurants in order to get enough food, and paid almost $40 for the pleasure. In addition, the tip was automatically added to the bill. I had no choice about that, even though the service was routinely bad. (They had installed tablets at every table so that you could order by computer. Getting a waiter to provide water however was practically impossible, and when I did get one they were slow to bring it.)

In addition, there were no fast food restaurants, which I normally avoid but would have been a far better choice in this case.

Newark is part of the New York urban area, a decidedly leftwing Democratic enclave. Thus, I am not surprised that things there cost too much, provided poor service, and also provided few choices.


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  • LocalFluff

    The Chinese are even launching experimental communication satellites, known as QUESS, using quantum entanglement to make their communication physically impossible to eavesdrop on, no matter what futuristic technology used. Once the “seal” is broken it is logically impossible to replace. At least the recipient will know that you know. It’s like Michelle in ‘Allo ‘Allo: “Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once!”

    Concerning airport oddities, I had a colleague who was a heavy duty smoker. We landed in Vienna and he was anxious to smoke again after a couple of hours in air. Walking to the obvious information desk he asked the lady where the smoking area is. She said nothing, just held up a white sign with a black arrow on it. I suppose she gets that question alot. Automation in all honor, there where pedagogically designed wall signs all around if one would look for them, but a lady manually picking up a sign does get some extra brain attention.

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