China launches Earth observation satellite

China’s Long March 4C rocket today launched an Earth observation remote sensing satellite.

I think I need to put together an outline of all of China’s operational rockets. The 4C appears to be similar to the 4B, but knowing how it differs from their other rockets, and why they have each, would be helpful information.

The leaders in the 2018 launch standings:

14 China
8 SpaceX
5 Russia

China has once again pulled ahead of the U.S., 14-13, in the national standings.


  • Dick Eagleson

    Based on the Spaceflight Now launch schedule, it looks like this dicing for first place is likely to go on for much of the year.

  • Captain Emeritus

    Personally, I hope the Chinese Communists, who enslave 1.4 BILLION human beings, have lots of Soviet style N-1 launch events which destroy their infrastructures and kills their scientists.
    MacArthur was right.

  • Captain Emeritus: Please to don’t double post your comments. Some comments are ending up in the spam folder. I am monitoring it and will get your comments approved. Just be patient.

  • Mike Borden

    Bob asked what the differences between the long march 4 variations were. Heres this.

  • Mike Borden: I probably would have found this website when I began my research, but your comment eases my job considerably. Thank you. I am in the process of reading up on all their launch vehicles now.

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