China launches GPS-type satellite

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China yesterday launched another one of its Beidou GPS-type satellites using its Long March 3C rocket.

This is their fourth backup BeiDou placed in orbit, and the 45th total that has been launched.

The leaders in the 2019 launch race:

7 China
5 SpaceX
4 Europe (Arianespace)
3 Russia

The U.S. still leads China 10 to 7 in the national rankings.



  • Marcus Sammer


    First, I’d like to say I enjoy your posts of launch rankings (among others).

    I know you’ve given reasons for not showing countries with only one launch, and for why SpaceX is broken out separately, etc., but I cannot remember them all. I would personally enjoy the rankings more if they included all the countries, even those with only one launch. Also, I’d love to see the full U.S. breakdown each time. I believe you are currently including the Electron rocket in the U.S. launches, but I don’t remember off the top of my head if they’ve had two or three launches this year. And then the other 2 or three launches? Of course I can look up all this information easily enough, but part of why I like to come over to Behind the Black is the quick pleasure I get from seeing stats like these.

    Thanks for listening. :)

  • Marcus Sammer: I will give a full listing of all launches when I do my annual worldwide analysis come January. I can’t provide all of this information in every post, as it would make the post too unwieldy.

    Use Behind the Black as an information source. There is a search box on BtB that I myself use all the time to find past data. Use it. For example, try searching for “Electron” to find references to all the Rocket Lab launches.

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