China officially withdraws extradition bill that sparked Hong Kong protests

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The Chinese government has now officially withdrawn the extradition bill that would have allowed Hong Kong citizens to be tried within China and that triggered the on-going Hong Kong protests.

We will have to see if this defuses the situation. The protesters have put forth other demands, such as calling for an investigation of the Hong Kong police, instigated by their sometimes violent behavior in response to the protests. More important, the protests have also demanded the return of real elections to Hong Kong, something the Chinese government eliminated in recent years.


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  • Wodun

    It shouldn’t defuse anything as standing down only delays the inevitable.

  • Cotour

    George Soros, billionaire “Liberal champion”, admits to being a Globalist and counts the likes of Trump and the Chinese as his enemies.

    G. Soros: “I’m very proud of the enemies I have,” he said in an interview in his apartment on New York’s Upper East Side. “It’s a perfect way to tell a dictator or a would-be dictator if he identifies me as an enemy.”

    Does George Soros understand that his activities in the world will with certainty deliver America and the rest of the world right to the door step of the most offensive countries to his stated Liberal goals, the Chinese? Does he not see this is as plain as the nose on his face?

    Are Liberals so enamored with their own idealistic and fanciful view of the world that they are unable to understand? Mr. Soros is no fool, so therefore I must assume that he does in fact understand this reality about China. If not, then what is going on in his mind?

    And if true, what does that say about what Mr. Soros is really up to?

    “Having just published a collection of essays this week, called “In Defense of Open Society,” he acknowledged that his brand of “globalism” — which he takes to mean an integrated, global economy underpinned by the rule of law — is out of favor amid Mr. Trump’s “America First” approach, the trade war, the debate over Brexit and escalating fighting in the Middle East.”

    What force on this planet does he see as standing in the way of the Chinese and their clearly stated plan to dominate the world? Unless Mr. Soros does not see that as a potential problem. Does he seriously think that Globalism, “global economy underpinned by the rule of law” will not be dominated by the dictatorial Communist Chinese?

    Like it or not, the only answer to these real, clear and present dangers in the real world is “America First” Mr. Soros. And not a weak, parasitic U.N. / E.U. style answer where all that could possibly occur as a result would be massive corruption, oppression of free people, the confiscation of their wealth and the delivering of the world to the door step of the Chinese. Without doubt to my thinking.

    And the result of your activities and goals is that America as founded and its Constitution and its Bill Of Rights and freedoms must be destroyed, razed and pushed aside. There is no room for a Globalist world model and America as formulated. And the only force on the planet that has any ability to counter the Chinese is America as formulated. Unless that is not a concern of yours.

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