China reveals landing site for Chang’e-5 lander/rover

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China has chosen the landing site for its Chang’e-5 lander/rover and sample return mission, planned to launch later this year.

Liu Jizhong, director of China Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center of China National Space Administration (CNSA), for the first time disclosed the probe landing site, an isolated volcanic formation located in the northwest part of the Moon’s near side.

They also said their focus will be the Moon’s south pole, where there is evidence of the possible presence of water ice.



  • Orion314

    Mons Rumker region, an odd location, though I have no doubt they put a great deal of thought into the site selection.
    Not a site I would have guessed.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Considering that the site is also about midway between the lunar equator and the lunar north pole it’s a bit odd that there should be so much official Chinese verbiage in this story about the south lunar pole. Part of the charm offensive the Chinese seem to be running anent the ESA one presumes.

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