China successfully lands its reusable version of the X-37B

The new colonial movement: After only two days in space, China today successfully landed what appears to be its reusable version of the X-37B.

No photos of this spacecraft have been released, nor has China provided any specific information about its shape or design. What we know however suggests it is similar in concept to the unmanned, pick-up-truck-sized X-37B.

Apparently this short flight was to test its ability to reach orbit and then return autonomously. According to the state-controlled Chinese press, it did so.


  • Captain Emeritus

    Well, if the Chinese Communist state-controlled media says it happened, who could have any doubts?
    Have the officially endorsed Hiden Biden yet?

  • Phill O

    Amazing what American technology can do!

  • wayne

    The sooner we pre-emptively strike these communists, the better.

    Minuteman III

  • wayne

    William L Shirer Reports From Berlin, Germany
    September 7, 1939

  • sippin_bourbon

    In 1939, there were, sadly, folks that looked favorably on “Herr Hitler”. Fortunately they were few enough that when we entered the war, they provided no real obstacle to our war effort.

    Consider today however. If, God forbid, a conflict with China broke out tomorrow. How many would take to the streets in favor of China? How many corporations would be useless in a war effort, because their manufacturing is in mainland China. How many of those would pressure the government to simply concede to whatever China’s military goals were.

    I shudder at the thought.

    I do not think we would have many allies if we made a pre-emptive strike. A cold war posture is better. Build our relationship to India, and Australia. Remind Japan that in any war with China, they are an easy target for them, and to stand by us. Give anyone working in China tax breaks to move home or to India. That would be a start.

  • wayne

    “Right Here Right Now’
    [Jesus Jones]
    November 9, 1989

    that being said,
    “Carthago delenda est.”
    [Carthage, must be destroyed]

  • pzatchok

    An open internet to China will do more to changing China than any war could ever do.

    Attacking China in any fashion will only galvanize them into a more united people wanting to follow a heavier handed government.
    But an open internet will show them what the rest of the world thinks of them and their government and with time maybe they will change their government from inside.

    In the mean time China is no military threat to anyone but those on their boarder who are to small to fight back.
    They do not have the deep water transport capability to move 500,000 men without someone noticing.

  • LocalFluff

    Elon Musk is working on it, Starlink. If the Chinese are able to get and use antennas for it, it could really destabilize their government. Btw I see rumors online that the Winnie the Pooh emperor is cleansing and cracking down. Things seem nervous over there.

    And the best time to strike militarily against China is now before they have better capability to strike back. The best wars are one sided.

  • wayne

    There are 90 million CCP cadre members that control the slave-state-gulag known as China. They have to go, all-the-way.
    I had to listen to globalists for the last 40 years, tell me sucking up to chinese communists would magically turn them into republicans. Their only reason for existing, is to enslave the entire world.

  • wayne the joke

    wayne the joke should go to china and see what is happening there. western fake news media have brainwashed your thoughts and minds.

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