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China’s Long March 3B launches another remote sensing satellite

China today (October 11) successfully used its Long March 3B rocket to place another remote sensing satelle into orbit.

No word on whether the first stage and its strap-on boosters landed on any homes, or if they were equipped with fins to guide their re-entry.

The leaders in the 2020 launch race:

26 China
16 SpaceX
10 Russia
4 Europe (Arianespace)

With this launch China moves back into a tie with the U.S., 26-26, in the national rankings.

Genesis cover

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  • Captain Emeritus

    Hey Bob,
    Last week after the CCP launched a Mars probe, you said to me:
    “Captain Emeritus: As evil as the Chinese rulers are, the engineers and scientists who launched this mission have still accomplished something grand and worthy of admiration.”
    Are you saying that every single one of their “engineers and scientists”, are NOT card carrying members of the Chinese Communist Party?
    Are they just simple Chinese serfs and knaves?
    Isn’t this spy satellite, also “something grand and worthy of admiration”?
    Will you insult me again, for putting it into proper context?

  • Captain Emeritus: Don’t be so sensitive. I wasn’t insulting you, I was pointing out that if you generalize the evil of China’s leaders to every Chinese citizen you are being unfair and are actually taking a bigoted position. That’s the truth, and one must face it.

    It is very clear that the engineers working of China’s space effort have no freedom. Certainly many of them support their government’s actions whole-heartedly, including its effort of genocide against minority populations in China. At the same time I am sure that many probably do not agree, but know that if they speak out they can be fired, arrested, and even killed for doing so.

    Meanwhile, what they are doing here in their public space effort is not evil. They have at least chosen to work on projects that are entirely positive.

    The distinction is important. We must recognize it. China has not yet (though it may eventually) descended to the level of Nazi Germany, where nothing was done except to push forward its genocidal war effort.

  • Captain Emeritus

    You’ve called me a bigot, twice now.
    I think I have only commented on BTB about the CCP twice.
    The first time, I mentioned the enslavement of one billion, four hundred million Chinese human beings by the Ninety million members of the CCP.
    The second time I addressed the “barbaric, murderous Chinese communists”, was in reaction to your smarmy, fawning over their “accomplishing something grand and worthy of admiration” by shooting a projectile out of earth’s orbit. BFD!
    I have never felt anything but pain and sympathy for the Chinese humans enslaved by the CCP.
    I don’t buy ANYTHING “Made in China”.
    To do so, is simply financing their ICBM’s, with our address programmed into the MIRV’s.
    Not me, comrade.

  • Edward

    Captain Emeritus,
    You wrote: “I have never felt anything but pain and sympathy for the Chinese humans enslaved by the CCP.“.

    Except that in your first comment of this thread you suggested that these same slaves were “card carrying members of the Chinese Communist Party,” and last week you called them “barbaric, murderous, Chinese Communists.

    It was Robert who pointed out the difference between the leadership and the populace.

    Generally, I enjoy your comments, but I think this time you may have strayed from your usual self:
    Not me, comrade.

    Isn’t calling someone “comrade” intolerant toward him for holding a different opinion from yourself, the very definition of bigotry? Equating a military spy satellite to a scientific Martian probe does not help make your point. It adds to the impression that you see no difference between the enslaved populace and the country’s leadership and military. At this time, I am confused as to what you believe.

  • wayne

    Typo Alert:

    The communist gulag slave-state known as china has already killed more people than nazi-germany.
    They descended into evil, a long long time ago.

    Minuteman III

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