China’s new big rocket set for launch Thursday

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The competition heats up: The first launch of China’s new big rocket, Long March 5, is now scheduled for Thursday morning at 10 universal time, 5:30 am Eastern.

The Long March 5 is comparable to the most powerful active rockets in the world such as the Delta-IV Heavy, Atlas V and Ariane 5, and will launch the technology experiment satellite Shijian-17 high into to geosynchronous. At more than 800 tonnes, 53 metres in height and with a 5 metre diameter core, the Long March 5 has been designed to launch the 20-tonne modules of China’s planned space station into low Earth orbit, starting with the core module in 2018.

The countdown and fueling have begun.


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  • Now China has launched the largest rocket in the world (or let’s say en par with the impractically expensive Delta IV Heavy). They have launched two astronauts to their own space station. And they have maneuvered robotic spacecrafts in cis-Lunar space like no one before. With an ambitious space program going forward.

    Where is today the capability of the US compared to that?

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