China’s president calls for the increased military use of that country’s space assets.

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China’s president calls for the increased military use of that country’s space assets.

The article itself is not very informative, other than noting these comments. In fact, it has some errors that suggest the writer knows very little about China’s space effort, both civilian or military.

Nonetheless, China’s president did make this statement, which tells us that it is definitely Chinese policy. Not good.



  • wodun

    And yet some of our fellow space cadets are dismissive of China and what they can accomplish.

  • ken anthony

    But Wodun, Obama promises us there are no threats out there? He’s more afraid of using the nuclear football to hit one of our cities.

  • Pzatchok

    China is just as aggressive as the old Soviet Union was back in its heyday.

    The only difference is China does it all with a smiling face and genteel platitudes. And they have the patience to take all the time they need to fulfill their eventual plans.

    Honest they have no plans what so ever on taking over the whole of Asia.
    Honest they have no plans to gain space supremacy.

  • ken anthony

    Which is why private individuals unhampered by government waffling should take the lead in space.

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