China’s space managers now dominate China’s government

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Link here. The story describes how a number of prominent managers from that country’s space program have all been promoted into important political positions throughout the government.

Giving new meaning to the term high-flier, four aerospace engineers have become provincial governors in the past four years. … Until five years ago the quartet worked at either CASTC, a state-owned group that has spearheaded the technological development behind China’s ambitious space exploration programme – producing the country’s rockets, satellites and missiles – or the China National Space Administration, which is in charge of that programme.

In the past, provincial governors were predominantly selected from the ranks of those working in local government or the heads of prominent ministries. The political rise of a group with similar backgrounds has usually been linked to the power of a major faction or influential figure, such as party general secretary Xi.

People who have worked with the former aerospace engineers say the technocrats developed a cocktail of traits that appeared tailor-made to appeal to the current leadership. They did not cook the books, were willing to make necessary but unpopular decisions and were largely untainted by factional allegiances.

Their success also helps explain the increased growth of China’s space program in the past few years. These individuals are all likely to be strong supporters of that space program, and all of them are now very well placed to influence the government in favor of that program.


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  • LocalFluff

    Is it a kind of alien invasion?

    China’s space program gives the impression that fits with the stereotype of Chinese culture: patient, systematic, safe, uninnovative, successful. Maybe they’ll accelerate exploration now. The little I know about them is that they seem to be transitioning from hypergolic Soviet legacy launchers and spacecraft rip offs. Modernization of their space program is overdue. I think they have a big catch-up (ketchup?) potential.

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