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It’s nice to see that despite being on vacation in Hawaii, the President can still carve out some time – between rounds of golf and snorkeling – to insult his political opponents. After all, nothing encourages bi-partisanship in the New Year like a little name calling and mudslinging. While enjoying his multi-million-dollar vacation (oh yeah… you and I paid for that) Mr. Obama decided to chastise Republicans for leaving DC without extending long-term unemployment.

The ability of Obama and the left to consider themselves completely blameless in all situations, with no responsibility ever when the things they do go wrong, is repeatedly astonishing.



  • Steven

    It all makes sense when you realize the goal of the Left is control of our lives. Make us dependent on them and they’ve got you. You are their slave. Don’t believe their rhetoric. It is entirely about control. Fight for your Freedom or you might not have it much longer.

  • Publius 2

    It is interesting how he slipped the word “temporary” into his statement. If the insurance is temporary, and if Congress did not cut off the benefits summarily, then how can Mr. Obama criticize the “loss” of them? But even if his point were valid, why did he not stay in Washington, demand that Congress do the same, and fight for an extension?

  • Orion314

    the Sheeple must loose the idea that politicians/including the POTUS work for the U.S. citizens and taxpayers, they don’t.. I judge actions, not rhetoric…
    and so it goes…..

  • Cotour

    I have developed a good general rule related to government in the past several years:

    It must be assumed that government (any government) is always lying and you have to work back from that point, doing your own due diligence, to establish as best as you can what is “true” and what is not.

    I think this particular administration is THE example of how ideology can drive people to say and do anything in order to impose their
    beliefs on everyone, no matter what. This is exactly what the Constitution was designed to counter balance. In order for them to be successful they must destroy it.

  • wodun

    I don’t expect any politician to admit to blame on anything but criticizing congress’ holiday plans from a beach in Hawaii is over the top.

    Strange that 5 years into Obama’s tenure the media is strikingly silent as to why we need unemployment benefits extended again. When Obama campaigns for unemployment benefits, the media should ask him tough questions about why the economy is doing so poorly under his leadership. Needing to extend these benefits is a direct rebuttal by reality of Obama’s economic policies.

    We all know what Obama’s response to a tough question would be, “Why are you asking this nonsense question? Look at all of your journalist peers. They are laughing at you. Why can’t you get on board like everyone else? After all, I just learned how bad the economy is by reading the news.”

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