CIA admits it hacked the Senate’s computers

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These people should be fired, then imprisoned: The CIA today admitted that illegally hacked into the Senate’s computer system.

Oh wait, I have a better idea! Let’s put them in charge of our healthcare and patrolling the borders and our tax system and space exploration and climate research and any number of other important issues of the day in which we need honesty, ethics, reliability, and competence!



  • Edward

    It seems that this administration, including the CIA, operates by intimidating anyone who challenges it:

    “Feinstein’s bombshell allegations, as well as the CIA’s charge that her staff removed classified documents from a CIA facility in Virginia, were both referred to the Justice Department for further investigation.”

    Feinstein makes an accusatioin and the CIA responds in kind.

    From the article’s embedded video, Feinstein said: “I view the acting counsel general’s referral as a potential effort to intimidate this staff, and I am not taking it lightly.”

    Does anyone know how she took the news that Tea Party groups were targeted for intimidation by the IRS?

  • wodun

    Obama’s CIA spying on congress, DOJ spying on reporters, NSA spying on everyone, EPA wanting to crucify companies to set an example, and the IRS persecuting political dissidents. What a mess. I would say this shows an absence of leadership but maybe this is what was intended by the leader.

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