Claremont McKenna College suspends students who led violent protest

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This is a victory. Claremont McKenna College has issued suspensions to seven students for their violent actions that threatened a pro-police speaker and anyone who wished to hear her lecture.

After reviewing video and photos of the blockade, the college has punished seven students: Three received one-year suspensions, two received one-semester suspensions, and two were put on conduct probation, the college’s announcement said. Officials also issued provisional suspensions of on-campus privileges to four non-students who appear to have played significant roles in the blockade, according to the statement.

“On the evening of April 6, a group of approximately 170 individuals from the Claremont Colleges and others outside our community organized, led, and executed a blockade of the Athenaeum and the Kravis Center. They breached the perimeter safety and security fence and campus safety line, and established human barriers to entrances and exits. These actions deprived many of the opportunity to gather, hear the speaker, and engage with questions and comments,” according to the statement. “… Sanctions were based on the nature and degree of leadership in the blockade, the acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility, and other factors.”

This is also only a first step. As noted by the speaker, it is puzzling that with all the videotape records available, only 11 out of 170 individuals were identified for punishment.



  • hondo

    11? To make a point? To set an example?
    There is of course money involved (tuition – very high)
    Will the college follow thru for the duration?

  • LocalFluff

    Maybe the smart rats understand, or at least smell, that there’s a new guy in power now and that it will have consequences for them. So they try to conform by jumping off their old sinking ship. Smartest rat first!

  • Diane Wilson

    “provisional suspension of on-campus privileges for four non-students”

    Wow. This is beyond sarcasm or parody. Deterrence? Jurisdiction? Enforcement? Lashes with a wet noodle?

    Why are universities so unwilling to turn actual crimes over to police and the courts?

  • Ted

    Jail time… a nice stretch in the slammer might fix this.. We went to Ireland in March. While leaving the USA my dear wife was pulled out of line because she must wear a wig due to a medical condition. She needs to use some bobby pins to secure it in place. 15 minutes to examine the mother of 11 children with no criminal record (I think she had a parking fine once) because some idiot decided she looks suspicious.

    These activists – who are patently breaking the law – and on tape get hit with a semester of suspension? I am getting fed up with cowardly Senators and Representative and college administrators who are afraid to take a stand against evil and do what is right.

    I remember the three Hebrew children from the Old Testament who would not bow down to an idol -even when faced with death – our current administrators and government reps need to take a lesson from Sunday School and start taking a stand for what is right.

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