Climate experts are now calling for an end to the regularly scheduled mega-climate summits.

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Good news: Climate experts are now calling for an end to the regularly scheduled mega-climate summits.

That these summits haven’t accomplished anything but allow climate bureaucrats to burn tons of airplane fossil fuel to gather in some of the world’s nicest warm weather cities during the winter — thereby making them all look like hypocrites — is not the reason these experts want to cancel the summits. They want to cancel the summits because the summits aren’t getting them the results they want: strict regulation on the lives of everyone else.

Nowhere does the article address the simple fact that in the past three years, since the release of the climategate emails, the creditability of the entire climate change field has gone to zero. The public doesn’t buy their sales pitch anymore, and thus neither do politicians, which is why no one is willing to make a deal at these summits. No one believes anything these climate experts are saying, especially since they have refused to clean up the corruption within their field.



  • Rene Borbon

    Yes, people are increasingly not convinced of the biggest video game scam going – the climate models on expensive computers, run by scientist-priests, cannot convince the world the planet is heating up due to trace gases in the atmosphere. It’s time to call for the climate summits to be done via web conference —- but then the highly paid scientists and politicians would have one less junket to fly off to attend.

  • Unfortunately, there is too much money in the global warming business for these guys to fade away. They will adapt and implement even more sinister tactics.

  • JohnHunt

    Climategate plus the fact that there has been no global warming despite 30% of anthropogenic CO2 being in the last 16 years yet no increased temperature globally. Facts, terribly inconvenient things, aren’t they?

  • jwing

    FYI- John Hinderaker has an article on entitled, “IPCC Has Climate World Buzzing.” Apparently the IPCC is backhandedly admitting that the sun and solar cycles may have more influence than previously believed according to Mr. Hinderaker’s take. Interesting read.

  • John M. Egan

    Thumbs up

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