Clinton put State Department up for sale

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New emails reveal that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to pass out favors in exchange for donations to her foundation.

The facts are very welled documented here. Hillary Clinton wasn’t interested in acting as Secretary of State. She was interested in garnering cash donations for herself and Bill Clinton, and used her position of power to hand out favors for those donations.

But don’t worry! Our valiant press is on the ball, screaming about petty miscues by Donald Trump that mean nothing, are taken badly out of context, and are largely irrelevant to the kind of President he might be. That the Democrat running against him is a proven liar, law-breaker, and incredibly corrupt is just not important to them. All that matters is that she is a Democrat, and part of their team!

Which by the way should give us all a bit of a pause to consider how dishonest, illegal, and corrupt the entire elite culture of the U.S. has likely become. As I said, Clinton is part of their team.



  • PeterF

    unrelated but related;
    Which US representative is working to introduce articles of impeachment for money laundering and the payment of 400 million in ransom for the five navy hostages to terrorists?
    And just where did they come up with 400 million in CASH to exchange for the Euros and other currencies?
    Surely the vacationer-in-chief didn’t pay for it out of his stash…

  • Cotour

    Its all related:

    Now that you have been told by the media that Trump threatened Hillary with assassination lets actually see and hear the entire comment in context, he ultimately said no such thing. He was referencing the electing of Supreme Court Justices.

    Here Hillary actually proposes / suggests that Obama may well be assassinated in the 2008 race for the presidency. The conclusion? The media has chosen their candidate and it is plainly Hillary and the status quo, that is something that really should concern you.

    Trump speaks in a unique and sometimes freewheeling, disjointed way which is something he could attempt working on, and it allows the media to twist his words and intent. Sometimes to his advantage and sometime to his disadvantage.

  • ken anthony

    Clinton is part of their team

    Exactly right and why elections are a quaint idea.

    This is what makes republicans for Hillary so horrendous.

  • Mitch S.

    What’s particularly scary about Hillary is how she can do whatever she likes with no oversight.
    With Trump, the Democrats, the RINOs and the mainstream press will dissect his every word and action.

    Trump may fail to be an effective president but his ability to do damage will be limited.
    With Hillary, she can drive the nation off a cliff and they’ll be singing her praises.

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