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Clinton sued by Benghazi families, endorsed by father of Orlando terrorist

The court suit story is here, while the endorsement of Clinton by the father of the Orlando terrorist is here.

Makes sense to me. Based on her track record I would expect Clinton to be endorsed by a man with ties to the Taliban and who posts anti-American videos on the web.

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  • Cotour

    Now granted a lot of the story lines that we are seeing in the media are mostly all leaning left and for Hillary, but there are things that you just can not make up. Is this Orlando shooter father / Hillary picture a set up or just happenstance? If it is a set up what counter intuitive but positive Hillary reaction is it suppose to garner in the minds of the public?

    The Communist party supports her, the Orlando shooter supports her, she’s on board with paying $400 million in ransom for prisoners, she abandons her subordinates to be murdered in Bengazi, she on board with giving Iran $150 billion dollars etc, etc.

    And she supposedly is leading in the poles? I must believe that the American people are going to have some extreme feed back for the powers that be and the media in November.


  • Cotour


    An email that I sent to what I call an “intellectually dishonest” friend of mine who has for years hammered away at exactly this, “money in politics”, but is apparently unable to “see” it for what it is. Some people, about one third of Democrats are in this classification. Feel free to copy and send this to the and see what their answer is:

    This is a compilation of Hillary’s 3 year, $225,000.00 plus dollars per speech list, it includes some very interesting names. ($21.6 million dollars in three years for twenty minute speeches. Over $153 million dollars for both Hillary and Bill in 14 years)

    Q: Why have all of these organizations been sooo generous to Bill and Hillary?

    If you come up with the answer: To guarantee access to power and to influence power then you are on the way to redeeming your intellectual honesty.

    If you come to the conclusion that she is engaged in “capitalism” and there is nothing to see here, then you are un recoverable and remain intellectually dishonest. Why? Because you have constantly railed against big money’s influence in politics and here it is staring you in the face. But do you refuse to see it?

  • Localfluff

    [Sorry if duplicate post, browser problem]

    Beyond belief!
    She should’ve pointed at him at shouted:
    “- Get’em out of here! Out! donhurrm HURT’EM hum!”
    Now the only ones who vote for Hillary are those who want to be tortured to death. The Orlando killings were tortures, if you look it up, which I don’t recommend because it’s disgusting psycho horrible. No one who advocates equal rights for the LGBTQ or for women (or any f gender God created!) can vote for Hillary anymore. Their illusion is smashed.

    That the father of the murderer is walking free is astounding! His son was killed recently, as one of the worst mass mudereres in US history,. And the father doesn’t seem to care! Does he think that his son is in paradise now after having done a good deed???

    And the father is a prominent guest at Hillary Clinton’s talk, one of the very few she makes, is, eh, I could say it in French but I think you know what I mean. It’s as if Roosevelt would’ve played table tennis with Adolf in 1943. “- Yeah, we’ve been friends since childhood! But war on you boys war on!”

  • pzatchok

    Gird your loins.

    If Trump loses this is the last chance we will ever have of electing a Republican to the office of president. Maybe we will get a chance after 20 years but not before.

    (By the way, the left believes this)

    Its simple demographics. The ONLY growing demographic are the Latinos. Comparatively all the others are standing still. And to gain their vote the left is offering them everything.Including free and open boarders.

    It is also a conflict between urban-nites and suburbanites and rural people. Liberals, moderates, and conservatives.
    Urban demographics are growing and the other two are shrinking.

    Gird your loins. Keep the powder dry.

    Keep fighting the good fight if you wish but the fight is generally over. Without the fourth estate working truthfully and unbiased to inform the people there is no hope of informing and teaching the general public about conservatism. And do any of us actually see a mass of conservative teachers moving into the public schools? No.

    Even if we started placing teachers now it would take 20 years to get the students taught and voting.

    At this point the Republican party dropping back and concentrating just on local elections would be a good thing. get the word out and grow the base.

    Leave the nation to experience a era of total progressive leadership and control. The mothering of America has come to its peak.
    Lets sit back and watch them educate the people by their own failures.

    I am not quitting but I do know when to fall back to a more defensible position and use it to gain more power. And power is not in the amount of leaders or the high ranks they achieve but in the amount of dedicated solders we have. And we need more solders. From them new leaders will rise.

    Lets work to raise those new leaders for tomorrow.

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “Lets sit back and watch them educate the people by their own failures.”

    This strategy has been shown to be a complete failure, too. It hasn’t worked in Detroit, which the liberals declared, half a century ago, to be their model city. They took over a city that Republicans and industrialists had spent a century building into the wealthiest city in America, and turned it into a basket case, where the people were so desperate that they lined up for, and got into fights over, Obamabucks: (4 minutes)

    The policies of Democrats, liberals, and progressives (like there’s a difference) have been some of the most spectacular failures of all time. Yet, too many are willing to believe the lies that this naked emperor’s policies are right, that they failed not because they are wrong, but because they needed to be applied more heavily. Obama’s stimulus, the largest since the Great Depression, failed just as badly as during the Great Depression. Democrats are adamant that the policies work, that the emperor’s supposed clothes are the most beautiful they have ever seen, despite no one being able to describe them.

    Letting Democrats demonstrate that their policies are failures has failed to get people to stop voting for that party in favor of one that has shown successful policies, such as the prosperity that came from policies of reduced government, which ended the recessions of 1920 and 1980 and brought on boom times that only ended after liberal policies were enacted.

    Now we have a lying Clinton telling us that she will continue the Democratic Party’s failed policies — you know, like the ones that got our boys in Benghazi killed. After all, according to her, what difference, at this point, does it make whether the policies worked or not? Just keep applying them, because they are the Democrats’ policies, clothes or no clothes.

  • pzatchok

    Your forgetting that they have always had republicans to blame for everything.

    After the 60’s the democrat party was NEVER for the unions but they had perfect union support up until lately. All of their policies have cost unions jobs and possible members.

    But they have ALWAYS had republicans to blame.

    Detroit fell for far more reasons than Democratic control. It was fated to die as soon as it was based on virtually a single industry. Granted the Democrats had no idea how to save it either. My city went through the same thing. And we are just now stabilizing and gaining back.

    It took over 30 years but we finally elected a republican to a county wide seat. And before that they were just democrats in republican cloths.

    By the way if you gave a better plan that is proven to work then toss it out there.

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “Your forgetting that they have always had republicans to blame for everything.”

    And they still will. Now that the Democrats have taken over the Republican Party (which is why so many Democrats are joining, now), they can run it exactly as they have described it to be, all these years, and “prove” that it, the Republican Party, is the worst party. In the mean time, the Republican Party can be used to rubber stamp all the Democratic policies that come along. The Democrats aren’t worried about losing members, as they understand that the mass migration merely makes the Republican Party more leftist. That is why Dave Betras wasn’t upset but merely, with the stroke of a pen (how Obama like), replaced his precinct captains who had successfully infiltrated the Republican Party (see pzatchok’s first link in his comment immediately above).

    It is no wonder that Democrats are switching to vote for Trump. They relate to his liberal Democrat philosophy but not to Clinton’s form of corruption. Thus, the Republican Party continues to become more and more like the Democratic Party with each election.

    “Trump supporters ‘won’t vote for Ted Cruz or any other person Republicans will put up,’ [Betras] said.” (See pzatchok’s second link in his comment immediately above.)

    This is because these Democrats-turned-RINO are not conservatives but are still liberal Democrats.

    pzatchok wrote: “Detroit fell for far more reasons than Democratic control. It was fated to die as soon as it was based on virtually a single industry.”

    Plenty of cities and areas are based upon one industry, yet have not devolved into devastation and desperation for Obamabucks, nor are they rioting over the city’s governance. There are plenty of other cities that have become terrible places, such as Chicago, where murder is rampant; and Baltimore, where the city’s Democrat leaders have discouraged the police from policing. Detroit, however, was declared their model city, then the Democrats drove the auto industry out of town. (Pun wasn’t intended, but I liked discovering it during proofreading.) The auto industry is still strong, in America, it just moved to friendlier areas, scattering from Detroit as half the city’s population has done.

    Micheal Moore may think that it is all the fault of corporations, but American companies still have to compete with the rest of the world’s companies, and if that means they have to find areas where they can more efficiently produce their goods and services, then that is what they have to do to continue employing their workers. Otherwise, nobody has a job, and everybody is poor.

    As for my better plan: obviously, it is to elect conservatives who will reduce the size of government so that people and businesses can conduct themselves as they wish without paying huge taxes, complying with onerous and unnecessary regulations, and buying Democrat-mandated goods or services unless they actually need them. All these taxes, regulations, and now the Obamacare mandate are hampering our ability to live as we please, spend our own money as we wish, and to prosper as we once did. That is exactly what did happen, and is happening, to Detroit.
    “The last time Baltimore had a Republican mayor was 1967, nearly five decades ago. … So when you see Baltimore on fire, Democrats built that.”

    Just as they “built” Detroit from the jewel it once was to the dung heap it has become.

    From my linked Washington Post commentary: “Baltimore is the poster child for the left’s failed war on poverty. In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson launched the Great Society. He promised, ‘Our American answer to poverty is not to make the poor more secure in their poverty but to reach down and to help them lift themselves out of the ruts of poverty and move with the large majority along the high road of hope and prosperity.’”

    Unfortunately, America’s poor have been made secure in their poverty and it is difficult for them to lift themselves out of the ruts of the welfare system that propagates and encourages poverty as a trap.

    From my linked Washington Post commentary: “Reflecting on Baltimore’s dismal record, a former aide to former Mayor Kurt Schmoke told The Post ‘We meant well.’”

    Ah, yes. The result of being the party who cares is to travel down the road paved with (supposed) good intentions. Cares about what has yet to be determined (the security of national security emails, the Constitution, and We the People are clearly not what they care about, perhaps they care about donations to the Clinton’s charity/slush-fund). But never fear, the Republicans are here — still taking all the blame.

    Welcome to Obama’s America. Land of the formerly free.

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