Clinton supporters issue death threats and riot

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The hate is real: In response to Donald Trump’s victory, Clinton supporters in California and Oregon rioted, with others issuing death threats on social media.

I could also list several dozen stories detailing the horror and disbelief of the intellectual community, in Washington, in the major cities, and across academia. They will not accept this election, and are right this second starting to plan their resistance to any policy Trump or the Republicans may put forth.



  • Wayne & Lindsey in Tigard

    I was in downtown Portland briefly last night around midnight—it wasn’t pretty & we immediately headed back to the suburbs to hide out, before we got a brick through the windshield…
    >These people are crazy & dangerous. (Heavy pot sales at the dope-stores, all day long in PDX.)
    (–Threatening to kill the President or the President-elect, is a 5 year Felony under Federal Law.)

    It’s not “over” by a long shot—this is only the beginning– now for the heavy lifting, ‘cuz Mitch/Ryan/Priebus are still running the show in large measure.

  • Wayne: Are you all right? A brick through a windshield is dangerous!

  • Wayne & Lindsey in Tigard

    Mr. Z–
    Thank you!
    Yes, no harm done.

    -It was hairy for a brief moment from my perspective — they tried to block cars on one of the business-loops at one point. (We almost hit somebody going 40 mph & then made the command-decision to head the wrong way down a one-way exit, & just flee the area.)
    -Most folks looked like local-hipsters, old hippies, & college students, but the people in hoodies & ski-masks were getting those paver-bricks from the sidewalks– they were there to riot, pure-and-simple.

  • hondo

    Only just the beginning. We are truly two nations, connected solely by the same currency and language (even that’s debatable).

  • Ted

    Where was your “safe space?”

  • Edward

    Ted asked: “Where was your ‘safe space?’

    Only the liberal Democrats get safe spaces, because they are the precious snowflakes who are unable to handle the real world.

    wayne had enough worldly experience and various fortitudes to recognize and escape a difficult situation. Which was ironically created by the precious snowflakes who are unable to handle reality. After all, when the conservative Republicans lost in 2008 and 2012, they were mature enough to not riot.

  • Ted

    Edward: I hope you understand that I was pulling Waynes leg. He was smart enough to get out of the way rather than eat a brick. We were standing in line for a charity book sale on Monday and the person talking to my wife about the upcoming election brought up the Hillary vs Trump issue. My wife initially supported Ted Cruz but switched to Trump as the months wore on.

    Well apparently the lady in front of her didn’t much case for a criticism of Mrs. Clinton and it was about to get nasty when the book sale opened. Our safe space was between US History and biographies. The Hillary supporter was in the Fiction section.

  • Wayne & Lindsey in Tigard

    Hondo– with money all going digital, we don’t even have that (“currency”) shared-cultural-experience anymore. I’m old enough to remember when dimes, quarters, and halve-dollars, were made out of silver, and now those EBT cards & free-obama-phones, get magically re-loaded every month.

    Edward/Ted– no problem. (my Safe space = the upscale suburb of Tigard!) Just found ourselves driving into a bizzaro situation we hadn’t foreseen. Apparently, there is a College nearby the scene of the criminal activity. Nicer, well-lit, office-building type area. I’m on vacation & rioting was definitely not on the itinerary, so we left.

  • Wodun

    That’s so crazy Wayne. Glad youmare safe.

    Could you imagine the collective outrage from the media if Trump supporters acted this way? Instead it looks like the media is celebrating or just not covering it.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “Edward: I hope you understand that I was pulling Waynes leg.

    Yup. We both agree that wayne does not get any safe spaces anywhere he goes, because the tolerant left is intolerant to his points of view.

    You wrote: “Our safe space was between US History and biographies. The Hillary supporter was in the Fiction section.

    Appropriate locations for the respective safe spaces.

    Wayne wrote: “I’m on vacation & rioting was definitely not on the itinerary, so we left.

    Good prioritization of vacation time. Continue to keep an eye out for the war zones that the peaceniks have made.

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