CNN Lists Job Opening For Head Fiction Writer

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Link here. Key quote:

The network is reportedly looking for a seasoned author of thrilling fiction novels to fabricate news stories for its online and televised news coverage.

“Must have a penchant for weaving complex narratives and fabricating intricate storylines out of thin air for the sake of ratings. Experience in Cold War-era spy novels preferred, in the style of Tom Clancy, etc.,” the listing states. “Author will be responsible for making stuff up out of the blue to form the basis of 5-6 news stories per day. Full salary & benefits.”

The listing also states that “no journalism background is required.”

It seems to me that this listing is the most honest I’ve ever seen. Though I’m not sure what difference it makes whether any applicants have a modern “journalism background” or not. Considering what they teach students about journalism in today’s modern colleges, there really isn’t much difference between journalism and fiction anyway.



  • Chris L

    One assumes this is an Onion type thing as CNN itself would never be that self-aware or honest.

  • Chris L: The Babylon Bee is definitely a satirical site.

    Then again, I am not surprised that you were unsure whether this was a real CNN job offer, considering the network does this kind of news reporting: CNN Uses Sesame Street’s Elmo to Attack Trump’s Travel Ban

  • wayne

    “The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.”

  • Cotour

    The Left is being seen for what it is by the mass of the American public. This entire narrative put forward by them all, politicos, media, Globalists, U.N. adherents etc. is all based in lies and that is as it must be. How do they attempt to win? They must “rig”, through unspoken collusion, the game in some manner (Read: Lie). Because if they were to honestly put forward their thinking on the subject of governance and freedom for the people they would never ever see power in government again.

    This CNN employment ad is a joke, but its not really a joke, it might as well be true.

  • pzatchok

    Are you guys saying I might not get the job or do I have a pretty good chance?

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