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CNN reporter advocates censorship by the FBI

Words fail me: In an interview of former FBI head James Comey, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour actually had to have the first amendment explained to her by Comey after she suggested that the FBI should act to censor speech it considers “hate speech.”.

“Of course, ‘lock her up’ was a feature of the 2016 Trump campaign,” Amanpour said. “Do you in retrospect wish that people like yourself, the FBI, I mean, the people in charge of law and order, had shut down that language — that it was dangerous potentially, that it could’ve created violence, that it’s kind of hate speech. Should that have been allowed?

Comey explained the First Amendment to Amanpour, replying, “That’s not the role for government to play. The beauty of this country is people can say what they want, even if it’s misleading and it’s demagoguery.” [emphasis mine]

I am no fan of Comey, as I think he was a willing participant in the effort at the FBI to illegally overturn the 2016 election of Trump. However, he at least has a basic understanding of the Constitution, the fundamental law of the land. For a reporter at a national cable network to not understand this is horrifying.

The video of Amanpour’s comments is posted below the fold. The clip begins with Amanpour giving Comey a platform to condemn any possible investigation into the FBI’s abuse of power. Not surprising, as he and others remain very vulnerable in this matter.

Amanpour then wonders why that the FBI didn’t shut down free speech she and Comey didn’t like. Also not surprising, coming from an employee of a network whose sole purpose these past two years has been to overthrow the legal election of Trump, in league with that corrupt FBI.

And CNN wonders why Trump calls them “fake news”.


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  • Cotour

    Amanpour don’t get it, what don’t she get? The Constitution and being an American.

    What is the initial indicator?

    Her accent.

  • Cotour: Now this is really a dumb comment on your part. Her accent means nothing, and to bring it up is absurd.

    Anyone who has listened to me on John Batchelor will immediately know I speak with a very distinct and strong Brooklyn accent. Does that mean I automatically believe the same things as most leftist New York politicians. Of course not.

    That Amampour is an ignorant fascist and Democratic Party operative is true. This has less than nothing to do with her accent, however. And to bring it up discredits you.

  • Cotour

    Always in the dog house.

    Here is something for Comey.

  • Cotour

    And what will Amanpour say if and when they actually do “Lock her up”? Then what will she propose be done?

    It is much more likely to happen now then not, and it will be a good thing. You want 100 percent voter participation in 2020? Indict Ma Barker.

    Its is something that must happen for the reconciliation to be accomplished, and we all need the reconciliation. What is the reconciliation? The reconciling of the two sets of laws that were fashioned for Ma Barker, one set of laws for the pedestrians and another special set of law created by Loretta Lynch and James Comey and his many other FISA perverters of the law in order to give a pass to Ma Barker and her accomplices.

    It must happen, and it all rests right now on the shoulders of Bill Barr. Bill Barr in my estimation is a walking talking legal heart attack and did not reenter the political realm in order to allow the perversion and those who perpetrated it to get away with it.

    Our entire Constitution and its essence relies upon him. We wait.

    Its coming.

  • Orion314

    Civil war’s a ‘commin..When? Tuesday, November 3, 2020 would be a good guess. [election day]
    I think one of the problems may be the term “Democrat”. If people would swap out that grossly misunderstood word for something more accurate , say… “Nazicrat’ , maybe it would help them to see more clearly.
    If Trumpco doesnt having trials for all the numerous traitors in federal and state power positions SOON. well , their may not be another election. The Nazicrats are close,VERY CLOSE., to eliminating the electorial college.

  • MJMJ

    Like Ronald Reagan said, if Fascism ever comes to America, it will come from the Left.

  • Orion314: Your suggestion is NOT the way to win hearts and minds. Our goal is to make the ordinary and decent Democratic Party voter finally recognize what has happened to his or her party. Calling them names won’t do it. It will offend, just as the name calling from the left has offended middle America.

    To win this battle all that really has to happen is for decent people to stop voting for these corrupt Democratic politicians. To convince them of this, we need to convince them why, with fearless good will and decent arguments and facts. This is hard, but it always works.

  • Orion314

    What would the “Democrats” NOT do, to win the next election?

    How’s that for a short list?

  • wayne

    “Absurdistan: The Music Video”

  • Orion314

    a reminder…
    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    a nod to uncle joe stalin, poster boy for the DNC, and of course aunt donna brazile, the new multi millionaire fox news contributor, her penalty for committing out and out voter fraud.

  • Chris

    Your party is allowing,no cheering BABY MURDER!
    Your party is aligning with the system, almost vanquished in the 20th century that murdered(not just killed) at LEAST 100 million people
    Your party is seriously attempting to fundamentally change the composition of this nation through radical change to the Constitution by eliminating the Electoral College and reducing states Senatorial representation. We are the United States not a monolith called America.
    Your party wants to disarm me so that I do not have the protection from a government that eventually enforces it’s tyranny from the barrel of a gun.

    If you do not want to recognize these stances as evil and either leave the Democrat party or work very hard to change it——then I will see you on the field.

    We have compromised with the Democrat party for 50 years – no more. We can compromise no further.

  • Cotour

    Millennial Illinois mayor Pete Buttigieg gets ready to run for president?

    The Democrat party will contort themselves in ways that have never been seen before in their desperate attempt to prevail in the 2020 presidential race, anything. Up to and including Mission Impossible like disguises and anything else they think they can get away with.

  • Ian C.


    “So to speak.” :)

  • Max

    There are those who think that they are the only ones who have the truth, but the only way to get people to believe them is to eliminate all their competition.

    The quote that speaks volumes…

    “The experts we spoke with didn’t seem to think that NewsGuard on its own could be effective at halting fake news, but rather thought of it as one tool to be used in conjunction with government action, media literacy campaigns, and efforts by the tech platforms that host fake news.”

    A different opinion, along with some facts to back them up.

    It may be part of Project “Stellar Wind”

    “Executive Order 12333 has been regarded by the American intelligence community as a fundamental document authorizing the expansion of data collection activities.[9] The document has been employed by the National Security Agency as legal authorization for its collection of unencrypted information flowing through the data centers of internet communications giants Google and Yahoo!.[9]”

    There are no secrets, and if you think you have nothing to hide… Some fake information has been placed in your file just in case… like the above article, if you have the right politics, They will give you the courtesy of looking the other way.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!
    (so to speak)

    Pink Floyd –
    “One of These Days…”

    Amanpour= iranian.

  • Cotour


    Just released, the Democrats have found what they have been looking for, proof that Trump has indeed conspired with the Russians, and destroyed evidence! Wait till they force him to reveal his tax returns. Although the IRS audits all of his tax returns so I am not sure what irregularities are contained in them.

    What did they find? It has been revealed that people within the Trump organization have destroyed with a hammer 12 cell phones, 4 IPADS, and have used a special program to scrub their servers with thousands of emails I.E. evidence never to be recovered. In addition, and this is the capper, the Democrats have found evidence that the Russians have “donated” up to $125 MILLION dollars into one of Trumps foundations. And Trumps wife Milania was given a check for $500K for a “speech” that she made in RUSSIA at the exact same time that a special arrangement was made between the U.S. government to allow the purchase of the rights to nuclear associated natural materials that exist in Canada and the U.S..

    In addition most all of the people who surround Trump, his sons and daughter and all of his partners have been given blanket immunity in all of the FBI interviews and investigations that they participated in. And it appears that there is evidence that people high up in the FBI and the DOJ have conspired to protect him so he gets a pass. It remains to be seen what the new attorney general will do about it, especially after we can all see that he has twisted all of the information provided to him in the Mueller report and is protecting Trump. What a mess.

    This is a quick report, I will have to double check the names and offences, but it looks pretty serious, looks like its all over now.

  • Cotour: Heh. Nicely done.

  • Cotour

    I made dinner last night for some Democrat friends, and towards the end of the dinner we of course drift into politics. And this new Democrat leadership / CNN / MSNBC narrative is all consuming and has been switched to with ease.

    However, after butting heads most of them in the end when they have exhausted themselves and their emotional logic in the end they mostly, grudgingly agree with me. They are all to a man and a woman uneducated and ill informed courtesy of Rachel Maddow, Morning Joe, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo etc.

    The narrative that they WANT to hear has been destroyed and so now it must be reinvented and recast. But the ratings of these pushers of non information reveal that many in their audience have to some degree found them out.

    Politics is the dirtiest filthiest business that human beings engage in, and the dirtier the better. This is exactly what our system was designed to bring out and reveal. Ultimately the sun shines on the revealed misinformation and agendas.

    Its not perfect but our system is working precisely as designed. How do you counter balance the nature of man to abuse power? Design a system that forces everyone to reveal their biases and perverted nature related to power and the acquisition of and the retention of it.


  • Tom D Perkins

    Hello Mr. Zimmerman: ” Our goal is to make the ordinary and decent Democratic Party voter finally recognize what has happened to his or her party. ” <– I am not aware there are any ordinary and decent Democrats. The party was founded by Jefferson to be a catspaw for the slave owning interest, promoting a non-industrial agrarian society where the large landowners (Jefferson's bunch) would be the controlling apex of society. They have not to my knowledge changed ever from being a party dedicated to robbing Peter to Paul, they have only changed whom they are calling Peter and Paul. Since Jefferson's day, for that matter, with LBJ's successful bid to buy the black vote, they have incorporated into their core constituency the worst of the cultural Marxists, the Mau-Mau and Shining Path sorts.

    I find myself hoping the effort in "Blue" states to tie their Electoral College Electors to the popular vote succeeds…because then the large numbers of right-leaning people in Cali and NY who have no reason to vote for President now will see their votes count. I don't think much of Trump!, I feel where Reagan's domestic policy efforts are a tragedy (because they failed utterly and lead to Obama), Trump!'s are a farce. But I do like the idea of NY and CA's EC votes going for him in 2020.

  • Cotour

    Mr. Perkins

    I’m curious.

    Q: In the end when all is said and done who will you vote for in 2020? Trump who you dislike, and I understand that, or a Democrat candidate whom ever that may be from a center Left Liberal to a full blown Communist?

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