College adjunct professors crushed by Obamacare.

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You voted for it: College adjunct professors crushed by Obamacare.



  • D. K. Williams

    I know Dr. Para Jones, President of Stark State. She was my boss for a couple of years. She cut administrators and was supportive of faculty. She would not restrict adjuncts in this manner if it weren’t necessary. As a result of Obamacare, tuition will rise and class sizes get larger. Adjunct faculty don’t make much money anyway. It will be a real hardship for some of them to lose this income. Our college recently had an adjunct back out of a course at the last minute due to the extension of unemployment benefits. The Law of Unintended Consequences.

  • Pzatchok

    Its sort of apropos.

    His greatest supporters are some of the first to fall under his chopping block of good intentions.

    I wouldn’t worry much about them. He will just change the law to make full time anything over 20 hours. And then 10 hours and then just plane hired.

    “Laws can always be fixed later. The important thing is to get the general law passed as fast as possible and worry about the details later.”
    Quote from chapter 4 of the new progressives hand book, “Governing the masses”

  • “It’s already become painfully obvious that the law’s creators failed to think through its full implications.”

    Huh. I seem to recall that many, many people pointed put ‘the full implications’ months prior to March 2010.

    Yeah, we told you so.

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