College students demand professor be punished for expressing an opinion

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Fascists: Students at Vanderbilt University are demanding the firing or suspension of a tenured professor for writing an editorial they disagree with.

So far, the chancellor of the university has merely gotten on his knees to apologize to the students, saying “he was sorry if any Vanderbilt students felt hurt or unwelcome” and that some opinions have “no place in this university.” Thus, I expect him to cave to the bullies at some point.

Note that I haven’t mentioned what this professor wrote in her editorial, because it really doesn’t matter. If you think about it you can probably guess, but first, she has the first amendment right to that opinion no matter what it is, and second, the goal of these fascists is to shut anyone up that doesn’t support them blindly, so any opinion they see as a threat will be attacked.


One comment

  • Cotour

    You have to give it to Alan Dershowitz, he nails down what needs nailing.

    The only optimism that exists is the fact that the people of America will choose new leadership in the coming year and this un American activity as we can all agree begins at the top in this political time frame we find ourselves. How much of it will exist as a residue after the fact remains to be seen, and maybe this conversation needed to be had in America in order to give a kind of perspective, but the election, whom ever will be elected, can not happen fast enough for me.

    And keep in mind that Obama will remain as a Marxist and anti American spokes person and community organizer for the foreseeable future, he is still a young man. Yeah!? :(

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