College students gladly sign a big thank you card to the IRS for specifically targeting conservatives for harassment.

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Future fascists: College students gladly sign a big thank you card to the IRS for specifically targeting conservatives for harassment. With video.

I repeat: The problem here isn’t that the IRS was researching and challenging organizations that wanted tax exempt status. The problem is that the IRS chose to only challenge (and harass) conservative organizations. The partisan and political nature of the agency’s actions is unacceptable in a civilized society. This video suggests that we no longer live in one.



  • The problem here is the mere existence of the IRS.

  • JGL

    The problem is that the dopey students are unconscious to the fact that their Constitution is being used as a political weapon by one party against private citizens that have guaranteed rights under the Bill Of Rights, and are happy about it.

    Forgive them lord for they know not what they do.

    That’s the problem.

  • Edward

    I have to admit, the civics lessons for our current youth are either inadequate or just didn’t stick.

  • Joe

    These centers of education are in reality indoctrination centers, there is no critical thinking being taught.

  • wodun

    I’m shocked!

  • JGL

    I think the core of this issue is the fact that these “children” have grown up in the relative luxury of their lives, provided by others, many levels removed from the realities of the harsh world. They believe that this American life that they are living is how things are and that they got that way by some kind of osmosis and they do not understand that their good lives rest upon a particular document of governance. This false perspective opens them to blindly accept mindless and emotional changes to the document and in addition the acceptance of religions that are at direct opposition to their freedoms.

    We all know how dopey we all were when we were young, but I know grown adults who blindly and however briefly argue the position. This weakness is taken advantage of by the likes of socialist and Marxist trained operatives, like the Democrat / liberal politician who make themselves the provider of healthcare, food stamps, section eight housing and the promoters of “social justice” (reparations) etc. which runs into the acceptance of religions that pose existential threats to the existence of everything that America represents.

    Please do not interpret this statement as an attempt at abolishing social support systems, that is not at all what I propose.

  • lino

    These “children” don’t even know what a “Marxist” is. They are spoiled brats, not part of an organized political entity. I am sure that a fun time was had by all.

    If we don’t live in a civilized society, I am going to throw away all of my ties. Definitely.

    I knew that our link to civilization was diminishing when men ceased to reliably and consistently wear hats.

    I don’t think that men at the IRS even wear hats any more. I am certain of it.

    Look at movies from before 1960. All men wore hats all the time. They only took them off indoors—and even then they had to be reminded. You had to play the national anthem to get those damned hats off.

    Perhaps a political movement to restore the wearing of hats is the first step towards the restoration of civilzation.

    Jews may have the right idea.

  • JGL

    They are unbeknownst to them by default Marxists and the enemy of their own freedom because they are disconnected from the reality of the real world. This is a by product of American success.

    ( I never wear a hat. And if you have to make a choice, as you may have to in the future, choose the Jews)

  • As you know, I wear a hat whenever I go out.

    I rest my case.

  • Pzatchok

    Hit up a NASCAR race to watch 75,000 men take off their hats during the anthem at once.

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