Colleges in California and New York ranked #1 and #2 as the most anti-Semitic

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A new study has found that California and New York college campuses rank one and two as having the most anti-Semitic incidents.

Nine colleges in California have made the list for the 40 worst college campuses for Jewish students in the nation, beating out every other state in the country. The Algemeiner, a Jewish newspaper, compiled the list based on the number of “anti-Semitic incidents on each campus” as well as “the number of anti-Israel groups, and the extent to which they are active” at their respective colleges Additionally, The Algemeiner looked at “the Jewish student population, and the number of Jewish or pro-Israel groups” and “the availability of Jewish resources on campus,” also taking into account “the success or lack thereof of Israel boycott efforts” and “the public positions of faculty members with respect to BDS.”

The Algemeiner determined, based on the aforementioned criteria, that nine California colleges fit the bill and were found to be demonstrably anti-Semitic, including prestigious institutions like the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University. New York came in at a close second, following California by only three schools, with esteemed universities like Columbia topping the list. In fact, The Algemeiner determined that Columbia was the most anti-Semitic college in the country.

Isn’t it interesting that two of the most liberal states in the country also happen to also be homes to the most anti-Semitic college campuses? I am not surprised, having worked for several different universities in New York. Then, you didn’t dare express a conservative perspective or you risked getting blackballed (which did happen to me).

Now, that liberal hate is beginning to morph into a bigoted hate of Jews. The future of freedom at these universities does not look good.



  • Frank

    Robert wrote: “Isn’t it interesting that two of the most liberal states in the country also happen to also be homes to the most anti-Semitic college campuses?”

    While claiming to foster inclusion and diversity, the left is far more vocal, irrational and intolerant of views and opinions that challenge their own, sometimes to the point of violence and staged hate criminality.

    Its time to shine a bright light on the hypocrisy of these people, their institutions and the press that cover for them.

  • LocalFluff

    Kill kill kill the jews!
    – Why?
    – Ehum, well, because who else would we kill? This is Europe, we have to kill someone in order to keep the evolutionary selection going. That’s what made us great. We’re really good at killing so let us apply our strength!

  • Maurice

    My mom was a refugee in WW 2 and my dad was hidden, jew hatred (let’s call it by what it is, I’ve yet to find Semites on a current world map anywhere) was very prevalent for decades after 1945, and only after 1967 did the world opinion of israel switch to admiration. If you accost me with your jew hatred, the 1st amendment flies off and i apply my 2nd amendment, or a tire iron. The problem I saw a long time ago is that when you play defense you let them come to you, and inflicting physical harm works miracles in extracting a price. Moslims punch above their weight and the way i look at it that is a model that is worth emulating…the israelis used to whack the arabs with a 10X payback, and it’s time the diaspora gets with that program. I’m tired of being stuck behind double bulletproof doors waiting for the next ‘contestant’.

    Now… I’m a STEM person, and the epic battles there are about minutia that no non-technical stuff cares about, yet will change their world (SmallSats will be the platform of choice and anything over 100Kg will become extinct – there, controversy). The market if properly applied will kill of many of these worthless faculties – all it takes are a few choice changes in how student loans are set up and it’s curtains.

    Coming back to my original point, the push is on the jews, but only one or two counterpunches are sufficient to restore deterrence

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