Colorado sheriffs push back against enforcing the gun laws passed by Democratic state legislators

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Colorado sheriffs push back against enforcing the gun laws passed by Democratic state legislators.

Fifty-four out of 62 Colorado elected sheriffs together with retired law enforcement, Federal Firearms Licensed dealers, disabled individuals, gun manufacturers and other concerned citizens filed a complaint in federal court against the governor claiming violations of the Second and Fourteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

A ban on high-capacity magazines and required background checks for the private sale and transfer of firearms are the two components of the legislation being targeted for dismissal in the courts, said Cooke. “The legislature basically outlawed all magazines not just ones that can hold more than 15 rounds,” he said.  “Any magazine that can be readably converted to hold more than 15 rounds is illegal – which is about every single magazine made.”

There is also this quote:

Last week a coalition of pro-Second Amendment legislators attempted a full repeal of the unlawful magazine capacity limit only to be rejected at the committee levels of a Democrat-controlled legislature, said Cooke.

According to the new law, if a firearm with a magazine attachment was taken into possession after July 1 it would be considered a crime; but if that same firearm was purchased before July 1 it is a “grandfathered” magazine and not considered a crime, he said. The sheriff presented the two differently-dated magazines to the committees and asked them to tell the difference.  “Obviously they could not do it.” When neither the public nor law enforcement can distinguish between two magazines that are identical the law is unconstitutional, he said.

When you pass bad laws, all you will get is contempt for the law. Thus, it is essential that we be reluctant to pass laws unless we are very very very sure they make sense.

Posted from Garden City, New York.


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  • PeterF

    But a legislator’s job is to pass legislation. ALL legislation is good. Thats why we are told that gridlock is BAD. I would support a constitutional amendment requiring an expiration on ALL legislation and regulation unless it is individually extended. The bureaucrats would then be kept busy re-authorizing useful legislation rather than insulting our injuries with continuous power grabs.

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