Colorado voters reject single payer Obamacare clone by 80%

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Knowing what’s in it: Eighty percent of Colorado voters yesterday soundly rejected a single payer Obamacare clone government health system that would have been funded by a 10% payroll tax.

As the author at the link so nicely puts it:

Allow me to read the tea leaves on this one for a moment. Even the pot smoking, Clinton loving Coloradans can read the writing on the wall if the letters are large enough. The first thing they no doubt noticed was that “free health care” isn’t free at all. It was going to be paid for with a whopping ten percent cut out of all their paychecks. Unless you’re quite well to do, most of you would probably at least notice 10% suddenly disappearing from your income if not winding up crippled by it. So there’s that.

But on a broader palate, this proposal can be easily viewed as the next natural progression beyond Obamacare. The people in Colorado must have access to newspapers or cable news networks is all I can figure. They might have caught wind of how people were losing their doctors, losing their number of available choices in providers, the exchanges around the country were breaking down and their rates were about to go up massively yet again. Having had a taste of all that government medicine goodness might just have put them off their feed when offered an even more government centered plan.

When the Democrats forced Obamacare down our throats in 2010, I said that it more than anything else the left has done in the past century was going discredit their government-run philosophy. It sure appears to be doing exactly that.



  • LocalFluff

    The US has a real police force and a real legal system. If Trump does what he has promised and lets them do their job, this will quickly be taken care of. See the Philippines. Eliminating violent crime is nothing but a matter of political will.

  • LocalFluff

    My previous post was meant for the previous blog entry.

  • wayne&lindsey

    ‘fluff— (HA) was wondering about that!
    We are a Federal Republic, we don’t have a National police force.

  • LocalFluff

    What I meant was that there exists trained police, and courts, with equipment and organization in the US. Political decisions could (theoretically) quickly make them productive. In Sweden there’s none of that. It would take several years, even with the best of leadership, to create a police corps and judges out of nothing.

  • wodun

    I have a suggestion: When talking about a government controlled healthcare and insurance industries, don’t call it single payer. Call it single customer.

    The reality is that government is the only customer and they are the ones whose needs will be met, not patients. It is impossible for all of the needs of all of the patients to be met, and they won’t be. The patients are not the customers, the government is.

    Because the government is the source of payment, doctors, hospitals, researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs will all be responsive to the whims and desires of the small group of people in the government who control what happens and never to the hundreds of millions of people who all have unique needs and desires when it comes to healthcare and how it’s paid for.

    The term single payer is just a way to lie to the populace about what is actually taking place. Not just in the way that I described above but also in hiding the costs of the system and how they are paid for. There isn’t a single payer, we all pay for it and the money passes through many hands before it gets to where it needs to go, if it gets there at all.

    So, please help me spread this message to adopt the term single customer when talking about government run healthcare and insurance.

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