Colorado woman who refused TSA groping accused of groping TSA agent

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Two wrongs don’t make a right: A Colorado woman who refused a TSA patdown has been accused of groping a TSA agent.

Though her behavior appears to have been an assault and therefore the arrest apparently justified, why is it that this woman gets charged with a crime while all around her TSA agents freely do exactly the same thing repeatedly to innocent Americans and are never charged as well?

The answer has to do with power, wielded by the government to dominate its citizens, and done so in a complete defiance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.



  • DDZ

    If I were on the jury for the Colorado woman’s trial, I could not vote to convict her.

  • The prosecution might have a hard time seating a jury. I would bet that for the great majority of people, impartiality flies out the window when ‘TSA’ is mentioned.

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