Comparing the weather on Mars and Earth

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Heh: It is currently warmer in Gale Crater on Mars than in many parts of the United States.

Obviously those SUVs on Mars are causing the warming there. Obviously.


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  • t-dub

    There are 2 questions I ask every AGW proponent. #1) What is the primary greenhouse gas in the Earth’s atmosphere responsible for holding like 95% of the heat? Water vapor. #2) If Mars’ atmosphere is mainly carbon dioxide why is it so cold there? Anser, well that o ne is kinda a red herring since Mars has so little atmosphere it can’t really hold much heat. However, NO PERSON I HAVE EVER ASKED HAS BEEN ABLE TO EVEN COME CLOSE TO ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS because tyhey are into repeating what other people say rather than thinking for themselves.. So I don’t listen to them.

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