Congress fiercely divided over completely blank bill that says and does nothing.

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If only all bills were this lacking in details: Congress fiercely divided over completely blank bill that says and does nothing.

A blank piece of legislation that says nothing, does nothing, and contains no text whatsoever has been the source of heated debate in Washington this week, and has sharply divided Congress along partisan lines, Beltway sources confirmed Thursday. Known as S.0000, the bill, which doesn’t have sponsors, co-sponsors, or an author, has reportedly drawn starkly contrasting opinions from legislators in both the Senate and House of Representatives, and has paved the way for a major legislative battle in coming months.

Read the whole thing. It accurately captures the reality of present day Washington, with the Democrats pounding the table for this bill and the Republicans pounding the table against it.



  • joe

    Washington dc works best when its not working at all, when both sides come together and say we have a solution its time to touch your toes and cough, in a way Obama care is that blank bill, remember that Nancy Pelosie said that we need to pass the bill to see whats in it, no one read it and they passed it on a Saturday night, we still don’t know all the particulars about that bill that admittedly passed on party lines, yes gridlock is my utopia!

  • Maybe they should pass it so they’ll find out what’s in it.

  • wodun

    Obamacare was literally a blank bill.

    A bill related to taxes had passed the house but the Senate stripped it of its language and just kept the bill number. Obamacare was written in place of the old bill.

    It is not surprising that Democrats want another blank bill.

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