Congressman proposes major changes to regulation of commercial space

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Doug Messier has posted a detailed analysis of Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s (R-Oklahoma) proposed American Space Renaissance Act (ASRA) that is definitely worth reading.

Most of the changes appear aimed at organizing the regulation process of commercial space more completely under FAA control, rather than the hodge-podge of agencies that presently have responsibility. The bill also encourages NOAA and NASA to increase their use of commercial data for weather and Earth remote sensing.

At first glance, the bill looks good, but it also is not likely to be passed as written. Moreover, not surprisingly it calls for a hefty increase in funding for the FAA agencies being given more responsibilities, but I wonder if Congress will comparably reduce the funding of those agencies it takes responsibility from. My instinct tells me no, which means of course that the government and bureaucracy grows again.


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  • Cotour

    Listening the other day to the Brian Lehrer show a bunch or liberals were deep in conversation weighing and evaluating the different tax plans being presented by the different candidates. They were going over and over the multiple different ways that the tax system could be reassembled and configured, but, they never ever once mentioned the nature of the government’s absolute unlimited hunger for taxes or any plan to lessen that hunger.

    Whats up with that?

    Argument: If not for the existence of the dirty filthy system that we call capitalism operating within the cocoon of our Constitution America would have long ago descended into bloody chaos as the government encroached further and further on the peoples gold and freedom and the people’s ability to pay.

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