Congresswoman Mary Edwards (D-Maryland) has proposed merging two NASA centers to save money.

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Congresswoman Mary Edwards (D-Maryland) is proposing a merger of two NASA centers to save money.

The amendment would establish a Center Realignment and Closure Commission that would be given six months to evaluate “[c]onsolidating all rocket development and test activities of the Marshall Space Flight Center and Stennis Space Center in one location” and recommend a location promising the greatest cost savings. The commission would also be asked to look at “[r]elocating all operations of the Marshall Space Flight Center to both the Stennis Space Center and Johnson Space Center.”

Now this is interesting. The Marshall Space Flight Center has been looking for a reason to exist for decades, since the end of the Apollo program. Any smart private company would have shut it down long ago to save money.

But then, this is government. The article, hostile to the idea of eliminating any government facility, describes quite succinctly why NASA can’t build anything cheaply and why nothing in government ever shrinks. Our legislators don’t represent us, they represent the small number of employees at these specific government facilities.


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  • Pzatchok

    If its like any other democrat consolidation proposal it will not save anywhere close to what they claim.

    They will just move all the staff and equipment from one building into the other. In many cases paying for the peoples move and upgrading the still open building for the new employees.

    In the end all they will save is the upkeep on the now closed building, which if it has been kept in pretty good shape would be minimal. No place close to the paychecks of the employees they are keeping.

    It happens with public school systems all over the country.

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