Conservative professor to be fired for his opinions

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Fascists: A conservative Marquette University professor has been been suspended and will be fired if he does not apologize for daring to criticize the liberal actions of another professor.

The story is a bit complicated, but it is worth reading. He has had a conservative blog for about a decade, and his punishment was prompted when he objected to the other teacher’s willingness to squelch conservative opinions in her classroom. He has also said he will not apologize and will sue if they try to fire him.



  • Cotour


    You do not know any of these statistics unless you specifically look for them. These numbers should be being shouted from on high (all forms of media) but it is not, in fact it is glossed over and essentially hidden. Why? Because the media has been totally taken over by the left thinking, left agenda indoctrinated media who are in the process of disassembling the American culture in order to control the levers of politics in perpetuity.

    What does it have to do with? Chicago and the out of control violence / shooting statistics that their government has absolutely no way of controlling because they have essentially empowered the people that perpetrate the violence. Why do you not know about it?

    Because it is Barack H. Obama home town and his former henchman Rahm Emanuel is the mayor.

    Read it and weep and then be outraged that you do not know about it.

    722 shootings IN JUST THE FIRST THREE MONTHS OF 2016! 2015 total shootings? 2987 total shootings in 2015! This must be theee most violent city in the country, and you know nothing about it.

    And don’t worry if you live in NYC your right behind Chicago, but you do not hear much about that either though:

    But not to worry if you live in either city, Chicago or New York do not even make the top 10 list.

    And I can guarantee that all of these cities are run by Conservative Republicans who are always screaming about “White Lives Matter!”, and they all enforce quality of life crimes and are very concerned about stop and frisk type policing and are constantly taking out these gang members that do most of these shootings.
    Nah, just kidding :)

    Our country has been taken down the path to self destruction for the sake of mainly one political party and the people that support it and the media has surrendered their fiduciary responsibilities. (not that the other party is much better to tell the truth)

  • FYI, you posted this comment twice for some reason. I deleted the second comment, to clean things up and avoid the redundancy.

  • Cotour

    I just noticed this headline posted in today’s NY times:

    With Killings Up 84%, Chicago Fears ‘Blood Bath’

    Murders and shootings have risen sharply this year, and the increase could hardly have come at a more difficult time as the city remains mired in a crisis over police conduct and discipline.

    (I guess I hit the key twice? Did not mean to post it twice. Out of curiosity I looked these statistics up, I was stunned to find out the numbers)

  • Joe

    I live in the western suburbs of the metro Detroit area, closer to the republic of Ann Arbor, I make it a point to listen to the noon broadcast of ch7 news(wxyz), they do not talk of the crime in those types of statistics, occasionally they will report a murder or drive by shooting, but the focus is not on crime unless it’s salacious or it’s a bad cop, I do not often venture to Detroit unless it’s for work, and then it’s very deliberate to be there and out. This city has been devastated by liberal progressive policies, I don’t believe that it’s coming back outside of the Potemkin village that is where the sporting venues are.

  • Cotour

    To talk of such things, to utter such truths, is racist as we all know.
    (Joe, we all know that you are a racist by your comments)

    And we also all know that it is much more preferable to destroy your entire society, city by city than to speak such truths because the Constitution is so offensive (a racist document written by rich white male slave owners) that it apparently directs everyone who calls themselves an American to commit suicide!

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