Conservatives can remove John Boehner as House speaker

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Makes sense to me. Erik Erickson suggests that 30 conservative Republicans can force the House Republican caucus to replace John Boehner as Speaker.

Some will argue that a vote against Boehner is a mere protest vote. It is not. There are 30 House conservatives whose vote against Boehner, along with the united front of Democrats voting for Pelosi, could deny him reelection. These 30 would be exercising a veto. There would be no chance of a Democrat becoming Speaker (an obvious point but an argument sure to be advanced by some Republican), because a actual majority of the whole House of Representatives is required. Republicans would simply go back and re-nominate someone else who would not be subsequently vetoed.

In other words, if about 30 Republicans made it clear to the caucus that they will not vote for Boehner, the caucus will be forced to find a more acceptable candidate for speaker.

As my readers are aware, I have not been as outraged by the budget deal as many conservatives. That does not mean, however, that I am pleased with Boehner’s wimpy leadership. Having conservatives flex some muscle and dump him would I think be an excellent start to this next Congress. It would signal to everyone that they mean business.



  • Edward

    “Having conservatives flex some muscle and dump him would I think be an excellent start to this next Congress. It would signal to everyone that they mean business.”

    This assumes that the Democrats are eager to see a new House Speaker. They may be perfectly willing to vote for Boehner themselves in order to ensure that the House continues to cave to Obama’s wishes. After all, they are willing to let the ends justify the means, and if that means keeping a RINO in that position, then why not vote for him?

    Only time will tell.

  • Cotour

    Bohner in time, a very short time needs to be removed. He is a part of the” One World Government”, “New World Order” Kabal headed / started by ex CIA director G. Bush sr., through Clinton, to Bush jr. and now the lead in to the deal closer, Barak Husain Obama. And now Jeb Bush, the agenda closer has the arrogance to assume that the people (if the people still really do) elect another Bush to the presidency. The Bush, Clinton and Obama family’s have delivered our country over the past 33 years to the point that we are at right now and these people believe that Americans are so blind that they are willing to voluntarily create a royal presidential dynasty and that we only have to choose between two members of these families in order to move into the future .

    What BALLS! What arrogant, counter Constitutional, un American BALLS!

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