Construction begins on the European Extremely Large Telescope

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On Friday the European Southern Observatory broke ground in Chile on the construction of the European Extemely Large Telescope (E-ELT), which when finished in 2024 will be the largest ground-based telescope in the world.

The mirror will be 39 meters across.

Meanwhile, construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope remains stalled. It was originally supposed to be operating before E-ELT, but that is becoming increasingly doubtful. Its builders can’t get Hawaii to approve a building permit, and they haven’t yet been willing to admit that they will never get permission to build there.



  • Nick P

    Bob, I’m very interested in the TMT and I’m grateful to you for keeping us up to date on developments as they come up. When is the next decision date?

  • Nick P asked, “When is the next decision date?”

    No date has been set for any next step. All remains in limbo. The consortium building TMT has said that they need a decision soon or they will leave Hawaii. I expect them to leave.

  • Nick P

    What a crime. The best spot in the world taken over by pagans and the politicians cowering at their every demand.

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