Corzine fined $5 million for stealing $1 billion

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Slap on the wrist: Jon Corzine, former Democratic governor and Senator for New Jersey, has been fined $5 million for his part in misusing and losing $1 billion of privately owned customer funds and eventually causing the bankruptcy of MF Global.

What Corzine did was the equivalent of a banker illegally taking your savings from the bank to invest in risky stocks, without telling you, and then losing that money when the investments went sour. The banker would go to jail for doing that. Corzine however was a major player in the Democratic Party. Not only was he a governor and senator, he raised funds for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Thus, he must be blameless and pure, and must not be punished for things that were clearly forced upon him by the evil Reagan-Bush administrations. This fine is only occurring because of civil action, not because he was prosecuted for his crimes, something that the Obama administration refused to do.



  • Matt in AZ

    I wonder if he’ll get a pardon in a few weeks.

  • Matt in AZ

    Oops, I just realized pardons won’t affect civil liabilities.

  • Cotour

    Corzine, an argument against Wall Street Masters Of The Universe in government. An example of why Trump must ride rough shod over them all and be ready to fire anyone who deviates too far from the proscribed agenda , that’s the only way he / we will “win”. I have to believe that he understands that very well.

    Never liked Corzine, always knew he was a weasel, bought / bribed his way into government from the start, belongs in jail right next to Bernie Madoff. A useless and self interested waste of human DNA.

  • Chris R

    Corzine was a speaker at a New Jersey university (Fairleigh Dickenson) in 2015. He was greeted with a full applause, and received zero questions about MF Global.

    Poor kids.

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