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Could we get people to get vaccinated if we said measles contained gluten?

Link here.

Read it. It not only is an hilarious and brilliantly written column, the points it makes about the delusional state of modern American elite culture are right on the money.

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  • PeterF


    The current increase in measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, etc. etc. is being caused by parents who don’t believe in science. It has NOTHING to do with the recent surge of (unaccompanied minors) crossing our southern border illegally. Brian Williams said so!

    There are NO studies that prove the ethyl mercury in Thimerosal causes autism. The increase in autism rates from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 120 since the introduction of Thimerosal is purely coincidental.
    Coincidence is NOT causation.
    (There are also no studies that PROVE cigarette smoking causes cancer)

    Parents should not concern themselves with the fact that a broken mercury thermometer in a school will cause an evacuation and a HAZMAT cleanup. It is then perfectly safe to recycle that recovered mercury into thimerosal and then inject it into their children’s bodies.

    The complete elimination of Thimerosal would be far too expensive and cause an unnecessary profit loss for vaccine manufacturers. Furthermore, the elimination would be tantamount to admitting harmfulness and expose manufacturers to frivolous lawsuits and crippling damage claims

  • Edward

    Although higher vaccination rates are better, I believe that coercing people to get vaccinated is tyrannical. It is better to coax them.

    The beauty of vaccination is that a 100% vaccination rate is not necessary for it to be effective. It depends upon the contagion rate. Measles is highly contagious, so a high percentage of a population at risk for measles would need to be vaccinated. The idea behind becoming disease-free (e.g. small pox) is that we no longer have to vaccinate for it.

    The problem that we are dealing with is not so much a vaccination problem but a leadership problem. Our current (mis)leaders are not as smart as they think they are. They ignored Santayana’s warning and forgot what we knew all too well in the 19th century: the efficacy of screening immigrants for diseases (as well as ability and willingness to work rather than mooch).

    Thus, the US went from measles-free a dozen years ago to measles-phobic today.

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