Court again rules against IRS and Justice Department

Working for the Democratic Party: A federal appeals court has condemned the behavior of IRS and Department of Justice lawyers for a misuse of the law and demanded they begin cooperating with the court.

Tea party groups have been trying for years to get a full list of nonprofit groups that were targeted by the IRS, but the IRS had refused, saying that even the names of those who applied or were approved are considered secret taxpayer information. The IRS said section 6103 of the tax code prevented it from releasing that information.

Judge Kethledge, however, said that turned the law on its head. “Section 6103 was enacted to protect taxpayers from the IRS, not the IRS from taxpayers,” he wrote.

Edward Greim, a lawyer at Graves Garrett who is representing NorCal Patriots, said they should be able to get a better idea of the IRS‘ decision-making once they see the list of groups that was targeted. “What we’ll be able to see is how, starting in the spring of 2010, with the first one or two groups the IRS targeted, we’ll be able to see that number grow, and we’ll even be able to see at the tail end their possible covering up that conduct,” he said. He said they suspect the IRS, aware that the inspector general was looking into the tax agency’s behavior, began adding in other groups to try to muddle the perception that only conservatives were being targeted.


  • Rocco

    Thank the lord we still have Judges who believe in law and order.

  • wodun

    I can’t believe it is taking this long but Obama’s handling of this removes any sympathy for getting a SCOTUS pick through congress in a timely manner.

  • Steve Earle

    The only way this will ever get fixed is either eliminating the IRS in favor of a Flat or Fair Tax,

    Or for people to finally start going to JAIL.

    I would prefer both, but failing that at least send a bunch of people to jail starting with Lois Lerner, then do a clean sweep of all upper management ASAP.

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