Court demands documents linked to IRS scandal

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Working for the Democratic Party: After years of stonewalling, the Treasury Department has now been ordered by a federal court to release about 2,500 documents connected to the IRS’s illegal release to the Obama administration of the personal tax information of its opponents.

Some time in the next month these documents will become public knowledge. Considering the effort the Obama administration has made to keep them secret, I expect we shall then discover that the IRS was routinely and illegally feeding the Democrats the private tax records of their Republican opponents. Since the documents will also likely name names, we will also find out who among the Democrats demanded this illegal information, who in the IRS gave it to them, and who took that information and used it illegally.



  • Ron

    Won’t THIS be fun to watch unfold!

  • PeterF

    There better be some perp walks! But I’m not going to hold my breath, not with THIS attorney general and the corruption he has created in the justice department. I wonder if its possible for them to stonewall long enough for the statute of limitations to run out? I can hear the MSDNC comments now “That was over two years ago! Its ancient history now, move on!”

  • jess

    Considering the AG himself belongs in an orange jumpsuit, I am not going to hold my breath. But it would sure help if we got some GOP leadership. Not going to hold my breath on that either.

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