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COVID-19 numbers surge after mask mandate in Hawaii

More evidence masks are a very bad idea: Soon after Hawaii imposed new rules requiring masks both indoor and outdoor, the number of Wuhan virus cases and hospitalizations zoomed upwards.

Just like in the Philippines and Peru, Hawaii’s government has imposed a long, strict lockdown and has never emerged from it beyond a modified phase one reopening. Additionally, the state has had an indoor mask mandate in place since April 20 and an outdoor mandate (even while jogging!) since July 7. It is the model for what the political elites believe to be the key to stopping the spread. Yet the results are the same as they have been in every place that tried to put up a cloth in front of the inexorable spread of viral particles that can only be seen with an electron microscope.

As [indicated by the graph], Hawaii’s daily case count grew more than tenfold in July and August. All along, state officials thought they were steering this ship cleanly throughout the spring and that their draconian efforts avoided the spread of the virus. Instead, it has become clear that the virus simply arrives at southern latitudes several months later and spreads for six to eight weeks, as it does everywhere else. [emphasis mine]

I must emphasize what the author notes, that Hawaii is the most isolated U.S. state with one of the most stringent lock down and quarantine rules for visitors. Basically entering Hawaii has become difficult if not impossible, and if you do go you are required to quarantine for weeks.

Yet, as soon as they required masks, the disease’s spread accelerated.

Masks are fake science. Not only is there no solid science proving they are a benefit, the data clearly shows that if used improperly (which the general public is doing routinely) they are unsanitary and will easily promote infection and the spread of pathogens.

This data from Hawaii also proves the utter pointlessness of the lock downs. Even on this remote island the disease has arrived, and is spreading. This is what these respiratory viruses do. The best way to fight them is let them spread as fast as possible among the young and healthy population, which will easily fight them off and become immune and thus act to choke off any further spread to more vulnerable populations.

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  • Max

    Another study just reported that the states with the most draconian measures are also the ones with the highest infection rates/mortality rates.

    This has been backed up by the leading science journal which is often quoted by Fauci.

    In the comparison of 50 countries;

    “However, in our analysis, full lockdowns and wide-spread COVID-19 testing were not associated with reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality”


    “The findings of this country level analysis on COVID-19 related health outcomes suggest that low levels of national preparedness, scale of testing, as well as population characteristics such as obesity, advanced age and higher per capita GDP are associated with increased national case load and mortality.”

  • John

    I decided to look up the numbers for HI and they didn’t seem real: Total cases around 9k with 75 deaths. This started in mid March.

    That’s including the decidedly large uptick in cases starting around 25 July.

  • LocalFluff

    Infection rates is nonsense data that depends on how many, and who, are tested.

    The bloody obvious thing to do is to protect the elderly and others with respiratory illnesses or who have deficient immune defense. The working age healthy population has nothing to do with the death rate. Since politicians don’t do that, the only possible explanation is that they use an imagined threat to cause panic and fear in order to grab power. Anyone who doesn’t understand that by now is very very stupid.

  • Bernard

    More cherry-picking and false information being pushed here.

    Max, you conveniently left out the following passage from your quote:
    “There are important limitations with our data, including the fact that at or prior to May 1, 2020, many countries included in our dataset were not yet in the “plateau” or downslope phase of their individual epidemiologic curves, with border restrictions having been introduced only very recently. In the context of COVID-19, it is thought that public health interventions typically require from 2 to 3 weeks to affect outcomes, hence the impact of widespread border restrictions may not have yet been detected in our dataset…” and then they go on to describe other reasons for the finding that you quoted.

    Masks are only ‘fake science’ if you cherry pick your sources and misinterpret the results.

    I am entirely baffled how you people can accept the assertion that keeping people from interacting with one another somehow can lead to an increase in spread of a respiratory illness. The cognitive cartwheels that have to be performed in order to push a political agenda here are amazing. The lockdowns worked so well that you all think they were a waste and unnecessary.

    And Localfluff, the herd immunity approach has been quite thoroughly debunked as an appropriate way to deal with this. Although I know you will deny the facts and reality of it, this approach will lead to at least hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

    I know there are no minds to be changed here. Only denial of science, fabrication of facts and promotion of a blatantly political agenda in defense of a federal response to this pandemic that has been nothing short of idiotic and negligent. Your man had his chance. If he had only listened to the science and followed the advice of the experts we would have sailed through this and he could have taken all the credit and rode the wave to re-election. But he can’t do that. He can’t admit that someone else might know more than him about anything. And now he has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans on his hands and is going to get buried in the election.

    But you all will still be here, probably at that point arguing that the Earth is flat. Because hey, why not go all out with this science denial stuff?


  • Steve Richter

    If you do not think the virus is extraordinarily deadly you have to listen to medcram and refute him.
    The entire video is outstanding. Toward the end he gives solid evidence on the effectiveness of vitamin D. At the 10:22 mark he presents multiple reports that show the over all death rate in a country spiking in correlation with outbreaks of the virus.

  • Steve Richter

    from a link in the medcram video, here is a CDC graph showing the weekly number of deaths in the US spiking above normal since April, 2020

  • Terrence

    Corona viruses are 0.06 microns to 0.14 microns. The N95 mask, the best mask available, can only filter out particle 0.30 microns. Masks do nothing to filter out corona viruses. Illustration showing particle masks filter:

  • Terrance: Though I agree with you, some argue reasonably that the virus is generally carried by larger water droplets, and a mask like the N95 can block these. I don’t agree with that conclusion, but I recognize that it might be right.

    The problem is that proper use of a mask means that it must be replaced once it is has become moist. Moreover, it must be treated like any antiseptic medical equipment, meaning you must never touch it with your hands, and that it must be completely replaced or washed if you do.

    Does anyone who wears a mask in public do this? We all know the answer is no. Masks are used in the worst manners, touched constantly as they are taken on and off and then stored in pockets or in purses between use, making them unsanitary and an actual carrier of disease. They are a very bad idea, and anyone interested in making rational decisions on this subject should be demanding that they be abandoned forthwith.

    Sadly, our bankrupt intellectual and political leaders don’t make rational decisions anymore. They base their decisions on emotion solely.

  • Max

    Evidence presented in congress of no increase in coronavirus with school reopening’s in other countries. Fauci would not commit saying that’s a local decision. He is drilled again about thousands of looters and protesters without condemning no matter how persistent the congressman asked him.
    Many states are preparing to force vaccinations. Bill Gates is asked about how 80% of the people in the trials are having reactions.

    Does ze have ze papers? Germans new mandate. (no wonder they are rioting and demanding everything open up)

  • Cotour

    The elite / Socialists / Leftists and the Globalists of today as they attempt to shepherd the sheeple into their New EU style World model are going to cause a French revolution type reaction across the world to their activities.

    And man that was one hell of a bloody mess.

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    But Trump did listen to the experts, including Fauci!

  • Cotour

    Fear and bureaucratic / governmental / authoritarian insanity:

    Be compliant or you will be choked, thrown on the ground and arrested, in North Korea? Venezuela? China?

    No, thats Australia. And I assume New Zealand is not far behind. At some point anything can and usually will be justified if it is deemed by the powers that be as necessary as it related to their interpretation of their fiduciary responsibilities.

    You will comply, even if you are walking by yourself on an empty street. And how far are some states in the U.S. from this? How far will be from it if someone like Biden or Harris becomes the president?

    There are consequences to elections in all Democracies, and there are always just consequences depending on what side you are determined to be on in all other countries that are not Democratic.

  • Edward

    Michael G. Gallagher,
    Don’t worry. Bernard is just trolling us. No one is stupid enough to believe the road apples that he spouted. Nancy Pelosi, who listens to the experts and knows the truth, showed us that the masks, shutdowns, and lockdowns (she was also out and about rather than cowering next to her ice cream-filled refrigerator) are unnecessary.

    Two decades ago, when my mother told me that she would support the womanizing molester Clinton because he was pro woman, I thought that women had a weird thought process. Was it really OK to sacrifice a bunch of women so that a bad man would sign legislation into law in order to bribe support from women? Fortunately my mother raised me better than her mother raised her. However, when I added Chappaquiddick to the equation, I realized that it was not women’s thinking but progressive/Democrat thinking that was faulty. For them, the end justifies the raped and dead women. They behave like three year olds, having grown older but not grown up, demanding their own way no matter the consequences.

    Bernard is displaying similar progressive/Democrat thinking. He spews the stupidest things, thinking that he is cleverer than actual scientists and engineers, as though we have never before been called flat Earthers by the likes of him. But we see it all for The Party line that it is. He toes it; we scoff at it.

    He adds emotion to his argument in order to get a rise, but that is also a progressive/Democrat way of thinking. For them, reality and science do not count as much as emotional feel-goodism does, otherwise he would have provided links that contradicted the many links that we have provided, over the past several months. In February and March, the experts and our rulers themselves said that we should not wear masks because they do nothing to help, but three months later, as they changed their minds and mandated masks, they continued telling us what we already knew, the masks do not work, but we are supposed to wear them in order to make ourselves and others feel good. Emotionally feel good, that is, because we feel like we are suffocating when we wear the *cough* things.

    A mandate for washing hands? No. Hand washing makes all the difference — a 90% reduction in disease spread — but no one can see that your hands are freshly washed, so no one feels good about your clean hands, thus no mandate. Wear masks despite their uselessness? Yes, because our rulers can fine us or maybe even charge us with murder for not wearing them. Intimidation is everything, in a tyranny. Our rulers are even bigger idiots than their followers, but we knew that even before Pelosi was caught violating all of The Party’s lockdown, shutdown, smackdown, Great Oppression rules (among other Democrat rulers).

    They want to charge people with murder merely for not wearing a mask, but Governor Cuomo is still a New York hero despite sending ailing patients into nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands. A hero to Democrats? Yes, because he gives them what they want, such as equality for all (so why are the riots in Democrat cities and Democrat states?), jobs for all (except for those whose industries are shut down, those on welfare and have to stay poor and unemployed in order to continue receiving their free stuff, and those who can’t find jobs during recessions under Democratic rule), and liberty (except for the religious and others who disagree with the left).

    We really should have seen this coming when the morons in Massachusetts mindlessly reelected Ted Kennedy, half a century ago.

  • Andrew_W

    Cotour: No, thats Australia. And I assume New Zealand is not far behind.

    Instead of “assuming” whatever it is you want to believe, how about you stick to the facts?
    While there is a requirement to wear a mask on public transport here, there is no requirement to wear a mask anywhere else. Currently, according to Our World In Data, the US has stricter government measures in place to combat the virus that NZ.

  • Max

    Bernard, even the main stream media is reporting the failure of the lockdowns.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W, with all due respect, I have seen no one in America choked and tackled to the ground and arrested for walking alone on a street with no one else around them for not wearing a mask. And a woman no less.

    This kind of authoritarian action by the police is fostered by the absolute isolation method of dealing with the virus.

    In the end its time and nature that wins, and authoritarian government is its own reward and every government draws the line where they think it best be drawn for the best general good. And God help you if you are on the wrong side of that line.

    Just another example of how Rights are not absolute, especially under declared emergency situations.

  • Andrew_W

    This kind of authoritarian action by the police is fostered by the absolute isolation method of dealing with the virus.

    No, Aussie cops have long had a reputation towards thuggishness.

  • Andrew_W

    Max, lock-downs fail when people don’t abide by the rules of the lock-down that inhibit the spread of the virus. If people think the lock-downs won’t work or are dictatorial or simply are unable to stick to the rules due to other reasons, and so don’t abide by those rules, the lock-downs won’t work or will at best be less effective at inhibiting the spread.

    Simple logic, but around here that simple logic appears to be as difficult to comprehend as quantum physics.

  • Edward

    Keeping people from interacting with one another certainly would seem to be the best way to prevent the spread of any disease, but that is not what a lockdown does. The opposite is what happens, and one should be entirely baffled how anyone can think that creating the conditions that are most responsible for the spread of flu would result in the prevention of a respiratory illness. The cognitive cartwheels that have to be performed to think lockdowns could work are amazing.

    It has been known for decades that flus spread in winter because people spend so much time indoors. Since families live together, they spread the disease. Some people are not smart enough to realize that being forced indoors does not result in a lack of interaction with one another; others wonder why anyone would have thought that lockdowns, which put people in close proximity with each other, would prevent the spread of Wuhan flu. Indeed and in fact, months ago New York reported that about as many people in lockdown as essential workers were dying of Wuhan flu. It is entirely baffling why our fearful leaders refused to learn from this terrible lesson. They should release the population into the blessings of liberty that they are supposed to be securing for ourselves and our posterity. Instead, they pretend that liberty kills. If we believe that crap, then we are doomed to live in tyranny, thinking it is safer than the deadly liberty.

    I have seen comparisons between Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, but what about comparing American states with each other? The states that have the worst death rates are the states with the lockdowns. If lockdowns work and liberty kills, then why are there so few deaths in the liberty states and so many deaths still occurring in the lockdown states after all these months of preventive measures?

    The answer is that lockdowns do not prevent the spread of disease. This is why we are still waiting for that one life saved that is de Blasio’s excuse for extending the lockdowns. Is one life saved really worth the destruction of tens of millions of others? Government does not know best. We can only hope that once we save de Blasio’s hoped-for one life that we can finally end the lockdowns and get back to our own lives and livelihoods, which so far have been lost. For the past 25 weeks we have been no better off than the bedridden ill or those under house arrest.

  • Cotour

    Lets try this one more time:

    If a governments goal is to educate the public about a certain virus contagion that exists that threatens the general public and may stress the ability of the healthcare system to handle the numbers of people that may become infected, then that is one thing.

    But if the government mandates certain “Rules” that must be adhered to under the threat of being choked, thrown to the ground and arrested, or worse, for not adhering to those mandated rules, then that is another thing.

    Its like the difference between a curfew and marshal law.

    Curfew: “A curfew is an order specifying a time during which certain regulations apply. ”

    Marshal law: “Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civil functions or suspension of civil law by a government, especially in response to a temporary emergency where civil forces are overwhelmed, or in an occupied territory.”

    The two terms are similar, but one indicates a much more dire situation and specific “Rules” that must be adhered to or complied with under threat of possibly being shot.

    A government that is willing to go directly to marshal law is tyrannical or “Thuggish” in nature, especially when marshal law is not really necessary and a curfew would be enough.

    Its that going the extra mile without reason that sets off Americans. It indicates ownership and not partnership.

  • Andrew_W

    Edward’s “cognitive cartwheels” comment was an interesting insight.

    His assertion that “It has been known for decades that flus spread in winter because people spend so much time indoors” is false, flu spreads more in winter because it survives better in cooler air.

    But back to Edward’s main point, which is based on a puzzling misconception: That (in Edward’s universe) lock-downs are intended to prevent the spread of the virus between people living in the same household. My 10 year old daughter understands that, in NZ at least, the lock-down was based on keeping groups of people in “bubbles” separated from other people in other “bubbles”, indeed, just about everyone in NZ over the age of 8 understood this “bubble” concept, that if someone in your bubble was infected, your chances of getting infected were still high, but the chances of the infection being passed on to other people in other “bubbles” was greatly reduced.

    So Edwards line of reasoning is perplexing, was this “bubble” concept never adopted in the US? Or is Edward not as smart as a 5th grader?

  • Andrew_W

    Cotour, your comment would be informative if you’d explain the differences in the methods used to enforce “curfews” compared “martial law”, as far as I can tell in both cases the police should use the minimum level of force required to enforce the law, if the Australian police use more than that minimum (no doubt they often would, Australia being a particularly uncivilized country) that’s got nothing to do with your “curfew vs martial law” argument.

    Thinking about it a little more, curfews leave enforcement in the hands of the police, martial law puts enforcement in the hands of the military, on that basis, given we’re only seeing the use of police, you reasoning falls over.

  • Cotour

    My analogy was not based in who enforces the “Rules”, my point is the degree of force possibly necessary needed to enforce such rules.

    And Maybe I am knee jerk associating Aussies with Kiwie’s because of their close proximity. But still if you choose isolation your on the path to possibly having to use excessive force to enforce the rules, which is my primary point.

    And yes, the Kiwie’s do seem to be very civilized from what I have been able to detect from 12,000 miles away, and I was not aware that the Aussies were of a more brutish manner.

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