Covington lawyers file defamation lawsuit against NBC/MSNBC

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Push back: The lawyers for Kentucky teenager Nick Sandman have filed their third defamation lawsuit, this time against NBC/MSNBC for $275 million.

The previous suits were against the Washington Post for $250 million and CNN for $275 million. All three outlets have had a a truly dismal and partisan track record in the past two decades, which only grew more unreliable with the election of Donald Trump. They repeatedly get their facts wrong, and then refuse to correct the record when it is shown how wrong they were. As a prime example, all three bought into the Russian collusion hoax, spending two years selling the blatantly absurd idea that Donald Trump was a Russian agent who colluded with them to steal the 2016 election.

Trump however is a politician, and an adult. No one is surprised or horrified by that kind of dirty politics. Nick Sandman however was an innocent sixteen-year-old minor, attacked viciously for merely being white, pro-life, and for wearing a MAGA hat. With the evidence available that clearly shows how these leftist news outlets slandered him, all three outlets are very vulnerable to a big loss when this case gets before a Kentucky jury. In fact, I think his lawyers would be fools to settle.


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  • ” . . . when this case gets before a Kentucky jury.”

    Curious if the defendants will file to have the trial moved, citing prejudice.

  • wayne

    Can’t readily find the whole show, but Mark Levin spent an hour talking with the attorney for Nick Sandman, L. Lin Wood, on march 3rd, on his Life Liberty & Levin show on Fox.

    Life Liberty & Levin
    L. Lin Wood

  • Gary

    Only with severe penalties is there a possibility of reform for the media outlets. Or rather, a total crash and insolvency that give rise to reformed news outlets that fill the void with moderately intelligent and reasonably broad coverage without the advocacy. I’d like to see if they could find people like the late Tim Russert who checked his facts and presented all sides with fairness and evidence (usually embarrassing video) in his reports.

  • pzatchok

    They pretty much have to go after everyone. Just leaving it at a couple might mean they didn’t do as much damage as originally thought.

    If just one settles they all lose. They will all end up spending millions on defense lawyers.

  • wodun

    Yeah, it wasn’t a mistake. It was intentional. It also wasn’t the media, it was the PR wing of the Democrat party carrying out an op.

  • Phil Berardelli

    Agree, Bob. But it’s likewise an object lesson in how to fight the creeping tyranny in government at all levels, such as city councils and school boards and school administrations that either dictate political correctness or work to suppress religious freedom. No, you can’t easily sue the institutions. But if more people sued the members of those institutions personally, and if juries began siding with the victims of petty tyranny, I suspect we’d see far less of it.

  • wayne


    suggest you check out
    New York Times Company v. Sullivan
    376 US 254 (1964)

    Prior to this Case, it was a whole lot easier to bring (and win) Libel & Defamation suits under (various) State Laws.
    [bad situations make bad law–“before this decision, there were nearly US $300,000,000 in libel actions from the Southern states outstanding against news organizations, as part of a focused effort by Southern officials to use defamation lawsuits as a means of preventing critical coverage of civil rights issues in out-of-state publications.”]

  • Cotour

    This is quite unbelievable to me, MSNBC talking head Nichole Wallace “corrects” the attorney general Bill Barr, WHILE HE WAS TESTIFYING LIVE IN THE SENATE HEARING!

    This is such a vial action by MSNBC, I expect nothing less though. These actions in the MSM is actually a very good indicator. Why? Because it demonstrates just how very desperate they and the Democrats are becoming.

    Wait until in the coming weeks and months Inspector Horowitz and prosecutor Huber get down to their reports and recommendations. The MSM is setting up the attempted dilution of the coming indictments against those in the FBI, DOJ and CIA and others.

  • Cotour

    Nichol Wallace, the Mazie Hirono of the MSM.

    Mazio Hirono, the Nichol Wallace of the Senate. Both their Trump Derangement Syndrome afflictions are complete and all encompassing.

    I love 1 minute of questioning that comes along with 6.5 minutes of statements and slander. That is one nasty person.

    Mazie Hirono’s husband is asked: If you had two choices.

    A. Live a long healthy life and stay married to your wife.


    B. “I will take take B!” He desperately blerts out before the second choice can be stated.

    (Was that sexist? Probably, but apropos)

    “Know the game, play the game, win the game.

  • wayne

    in the Alternate Universe, she’d be rendered off-shore, and it wouldn’t be back to Hawaii.

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