Crowd laughs and applauds the Chicago Teachers Union president after she joked about killing the rich.

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It is the audience that counts: The attendees at a labor event laughed and applauded the president of the Chicago Teachers Union when she joked about killing the rich.



  • wodun

    The sad part is that this isn’t some nut making comments on an internet forum someplace, it comes from the top of the union power structure, is common of all union leadership, and these people are also at the top of the Democrat power structure. It is scary that they want to use violence for political gain but even scarier that they actually do use it.

    Would be nice if our media would call them out on it.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Here in Chicago, those of us NON-Kool-Aid drinkers regard Karen Lewis as a total joke and an embarrassment. She’s a full-on Socialist, as you can tell from her comment about the “rich” not letting us “legislate away” their wealth – what kind of mindset is THAT ?? Obviously, a Marxist one! And Chicago teachers are among the highest paid in the nation, the average is somewhere around $77,000, plus pensions & great benefits, with 2 1/2 months off every summer – not to even mention that with all the $$ they get, our schools are among the worst in the country. I have no idea how much SHE’S making as Union President, but you can bet if the AVERAGE teacher’s at 77K, it’s WAY more than that, well into the 100s of thousands, so she has a lot of nerve harping about “Rich people” – she’s in the 1% herself, no joke.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    UPDATE re; Chicago Teacher’s Union President Karen Lewis’ salary, I found THIS from the Chicago Sun-Times (the more “Liberal” of the 2 – Trib USED to be Conservative, but no more – they endorsed Obama)::

    ◆ Last month, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis called for “transparency” about Chicago Schools chief Jean-Claude Brizard’s salary and threatened to file a Freedom of Information request to get it.

    ◆ The turn of the screw: So how come Lewis’ salary is so secret?

    ◆ Explanation: Sneed inquired last week about her salary and was told “I don’t know,” by top Lewis spokeswoman Liz Brown. Her salary is not publicly listed, and Sneed was told: “She doesn’t have to do so.”

    Which of course means many folks would be outraged at how high it is – draw your own conclusions…

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