Cruz demands Justice Dept preserve IRS scandal documents

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today put the Justice Department on notice that he wants all their documents relating to the IRS scandal preserved so that future administrations have the ability to complete their own investigation.

“It is important for you and other officials in this Administration to understand that this administration’s decisions to neither continue this investigation nor appoint a special prosecutor do not represent the conclusion of this matter,” Mr. Cruz said in a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “Given this Administration’s refusal to conduct itself appropriately, or take the issue of the potential illegal conduct of IRS employees seriously, any subsequent administration should reserve the right to reopen the matter, conduct its own investigation, or appoint a special prosecutor to conduct an investigation.”

I would not be surprised at all if the Justice Department, now working full time for the Democratic Party, decides to destroy these documents at first opportunity. They know that they will face no criminal charges, even though this would be a blatant act of obstruction of justice, because the Democratic Party in Congress will stonewall any investigation. And unless the next Republican President has the courage to fire the lot of them, they themselves will be able to stonewall the next President as well.

In fact, which Republican candidates running for President would have the courage to fire the lot of them? Cruz for sure. Trump probably. Anyone else? I don’t think so.



  • MikeP

    Cruz is fantastic and his strategy for the primaries is long term. He’s got a strong ground operation in the southern states. He’ll gain in the polls with each passing debate.

  • wodun

    I am sure Holder ran out of his office shouting, “Stop the shredders!” upon learning of this request.

  • Dick Eagleson

    FYI Holder isn’t the Attorney General anymore.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: ” which Republican candidates running for President would have the courage to fire the lot of them? Cruz for sure. Trump probably. Anyone else?”

    Ben Carson had the courage to criticize Obama at a Prayer Breakfast, with him listening only a few feet away. I’m not sure that Cruz or Trump would have done so.

    And if this report is true, he does not back down, even to White House pressure:

    I don’t know of any other current candidates who have shown the kind of courage as these three have.

  • Though I think Carson might have the courage to fire them, I think he will find himself out of his league should he be elected. I’m not sure he has the experience or toughness in battle to face down these thugs. Trump has it from the private business world. Cruz has it from his rough-and-tumble experience in the world of politics, which he has been deeply involved for years, not just in Congress.

    Jindal would probably have the courage, but he isn’t going to be the nominee.

    The others that do have a chance, Bush, Rubio, Fiorina, etc, are likely in the tank and willing to compromise to keep the money flowing to the corrupt powers in DC. Some of them, like Rubio, might talk a good game, but a close look at what they have done makes them untrustworthy to me.

  • Edward

    I don’t know Jindal well, but I think we both agree that the majority of the field has either not earned our trust or has lost our trust — and that government has become a mob of bullies who insist upon doing everything their own way rather than be public servants (when was the last time you heard someone deeply ingrained in government even pretend to be a servant to the public? — Rhetorical question). It seems that extended time spent in government causes even the most public-spirited people to become selfishly corrupt.

    I think that it is too bad that we lost Scott Walker as a candidate. He seems to have the fortitude and integrity to do as the majority of voters want, despite the bullying from his opponents.

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