Cruz’s political stature enhanced by campaign

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Good news: Ted Cruz’s strong campaign has positioned him to likely be “a leading GOP voice for the foreseeable future.”

Read it all. The article’s main point, which I had noticed earlier when Cruz was doing the hard work to forge allies throughout the grassroots Republican Party, is that Cruz’s success during the campaign, becoming a strong #2 while all establishment picks (Bush, Rudio, Walker, Huckebee, Christie) did poorly, places him in the position to dominate the loyal opposition against either Trump or Clinton.

Note also that the conventional wisdom, that shutting down the government would hurt a candidate and the Republican Party, did no such thing for Cruz. In fact, it helped him. The anger the public feels because of the Republican Party’s unwillingness to stand up to Obama and the Democrats, was reflected in the fact that in the end Trump and Cruz were the top vote getters.

Sadly, I do not expect the rest of the Republican Senate to learn this lesson.



  • Cotour

    I agree with this, Cruz did himself proud, he talked the talk and walked the walk. He is a young man who has a long and purposeful career ahead of him.

  • Wayne

    Ditto on your last comment. (12:25)
    and…Cruz was 2nd in a field of 17, in a GOP Primary process that is designed to force a relatively quick choice. Young guy, cute wife & children, bright future doing anything he wants–hopefully another run in 4 years…
    Who among us, a year + ago, didn’t think we’d have to deal with the “usual suspects” by this point in the process & it turned out to be Trump & Cruz.

    We also found out a *lot* about the other 15 people and where they stand/stood & who funded them, etc.

  • Joe

    I think Ted Cruz displayed a far greater amount of class than Donald Trump, Ted would win a state like Iowa and Marco Rubio would get all of the credit, the media seems to control all of this!

  • mkent

    Walker an establishment guy? Now you’re twisting definitions beyond all recognition.

    “Who among us, a year + ago, didn’t think we’d have to deal with the “usual suspects” by this point in the process & it turned out to be Trump & Cruz.”

    A year ago I was expecting it to be a fight between Walker and Cruz by this point. Polls as late as July were bearing that out. Then Trump got into the race, alas.

  • Wayne

    Sorry-I should have been more clear in my wordsmithing….”the usual RINO suspects.”
    I like Walker myself. Rand or Santorum would have been fine as well with me. (Carson=big disappointment all around.) ((Kasich=lost his mind sometime in the 90’s.))

    -Fully expected the GOP to try and force me to vote for a Jeb, Christie, Kasich, etc., instead, they outdid themselves— we get a liberal Democrat in Trump.

  • Mitch S

    Pretty much agree with you all.
    I also had hopes for Walker early on.
    Maybe he too will be a better developed candidate next time around.

    Ugh, just thinking what a Hillary presidency will be like.
    Read someone claim that Laura bush said she’d vote for Hillary.
    I don’t know if it’s true, but any RINO who supports Hillary is an idiot and/or hates America.
    It’s not just the President but who staffs the administration.
    A Hillary admin will be run by Huma Abedin and Sidney Blumenthal.
    We’ll see who Trump goes with but I suspect he’ll let the Joint Chiefs run the military instead of being gender sensitivity counselors. Have to end up with an AG better than Lynch (Ted Cruz, Preet Bhara?)

    We also have to keep congress. If the only thing Trump does is get his tax plan through, it will be a good thing.

    Yes, maybe some of the other candidates would have had a better chance against Hillary.
    Maybe we should have taken a Pepto Bismol and nominated Rubio or Christie.
    But it is what it is, we have to try and make the best of it (and at least the Trump nomination’s blowing up of the entrenched establishment is a good thing that will remain regardless of Nov’s result)

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