CST-100 name to be unveiled on Friday

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The competition heats up: Boeing has announced that it will reveal the name of its CST-100 manned capsule on Friday.



  • Nick

    I have enjoyed listening to Bob Zimmerman on The John Batchelor Show for some time now and decided to visit the web site. I was even deciding between a one time donation and a subscription. Then I saw the first article was a tirade on the VA. That was a total turn off. Sorry, but I get enough politics on Fox and other channels. What does that article have to do with space?
    As of now I’ll just stick to the occasional enjoyable updates on the radio and skip the political side show on behindtheblack web site. Too bad. I was looking forward to it.

  • I mostly post about science and space, but if I see something that I think is important, than I will write and post about it. If that offends you, then fine, it is better you avoid what I have to say.

    However, I am always honest and forthright, and base my comments on facts, not opinions. I would think that you would find that a refreshing change from the silliness on television and cable.

    Moreover, my post on the VA was not a “tirade” as you put it, but a straightforward description of a recent inspector general report on the corruption at the VA. Do the facts upset you so much you want to avoid them?

    Anyway, I make no apologies for my effort here. I just find it sad that so many Americans want to run away and hide.

  • mpthompson

    Keep it up Robert, I enjoy the mix you provide.

  • Jetjockey

    Dittos, mpthompson!!! I too love the mix! I rarely miss all 4 hours of the JBS thanks to the podcasts. Look forward to your segment.

    I lived in Tucson and worked for Gates-Learjet back in the early 80’s. Lived on Sarnoff St. everything east of us was open desert. My how times have changed!

  • Steve

    Agree, I also enjoy the mix and was brought here by the John Batchelor show segments. I stayed (and have now subscribed) because of the content here, especially the common sense posts and comments (something in short supply these days….)

    And for the OP: Space IS politics, and much of politics affect space, the two cannot be separated.

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