Curiosity snaps a picture of its planned upcoming travel route.

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Curiosity snaps a picture of its planned upcoming travel route.



  • Cotour

    Q: Did NASA direct the rover to more closely re investigate that “doughnut” shaped rock that appeared in its previous path?

  • Yes. You obviously have read about the stupid lawsuit about that rock.

  • Cotour

    I did hear about the law suit and realized that I had not thought of the same question. Did they investigate the item further? It is an odd shaped stone from the one picture I had seen.

  • They’ve looked at it closely, and even have a reasonable idea where it came from (a divot under one of Curiosity’s wheel is probably where the rock was thrown from when the wheel rolled over it). It is interesting, but not so unusual as to shatter what is believed about the geological history in Gale Crater.

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