Current Congress sets record for fewest laws passed

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Now this is a trend I like: The current Congress has passed the fewest laws in history.

The divided House and Senate have managed to pass just 163 laws that garnered President Obama’s signature since the two-year term began in January 2013. At this rate, Congress will have no problem beating the previous record set during the 2011-2013 session in which 284 laws were passed. That was down from 385 laws passed in the 2009-2011 session.

The less the better. And the legal areas that desperately need addressing are those areas, like Obamacare, that are best handled by repeal, not new laws.



  • Cotour

    This proves that doing nothing is doing something, inaction is also an action. Gridlock is what happens when the people have communicated to their representatives that the road we are on is incorrect. Call it obstructionism, call none bi partisan (I despise the word Bi partisan), call it what you will, but thank God for it! The president does not get to do what ever it is that he deems fit, he is not a king no matter how much he and his party complain that “nothing is getting done!”. Something is getting done, NOTHING.

  • Edward

    What is the use of passing more laws when the administration ignores the law anyway?

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