Cursing the police and the law is legal

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Victory for free speech: A federal judge has ruled that a man’s first amendment rights were violated when he was arrested because he wrote profanity-laced objections on his speeding ticket payment letter.

This what these fascists in the small town of Liberty, New York did:

On May 4, 2012, Barboza, then 22, was driving through the small, scenic town of Liberty when he was given a speeding ticket. Clearly sore about the incident, Barboza crossed out “Liberty” on the payment form and replaced it with “Tyranny.” He then scrawled the offending phrase across the top, pleaded guilty to speeding and put the form in the mail.

Justice Brian P. Rourke informed Barboza in September of that year that his payment had been rejected and he’d have to make the two-hour trek from Connecticut to appear in court. There, Rourke lectured Barboza over his use of foul language, before prosecutors from the Sullivan County district attorney’s office instructed police officers to arrest Barboza on a charge of aggravated harassment. Barboza was taken to the Liberty police station, where he was booked, fingerprinted and handcuffed to a bench. After being shuffled between courts, he was eventually released when he paid a $200 bail.

The new ruling makes the DA liable for damages. The town of Liberty will also have to “stand trial for failing to train police officers regarding the First Amendment,”



  • Edward

    So, the town of Tyranny proved its name. But then again, it *is* New York, which likes to limit freedoms as much as it possibly can.

    Oops. That was supposed to read: “So, the town of Liberty disproved its name.”

    My mistake.

  • I see Ginsburg and her ilk at the Supreme Court fuming. How dare a lower court judge uphold the 1st Amendment! Can’t they see the Constitution is an old worn out document? As for me, I hope the town and the DA get stuck with a huge settlement. Leftists must be defeated.

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