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Data: COVID shots are killing little kids

COVID mortality rates among children 10-14 in theUK

Data compiled by the Office of National Statistics in Great Britain shows that giving young children the COVID shots, especially those aged from 10 to 14, makes their mortality 10 to 52 times higher, depending on the number of shots received.

The graph to the right, from the link, illustrates this starkly. If a child gets one shot, the mortality goes up about ten times. If a child gets two shots, it increases the mortality another five-fold, or about fifty times greater than for children who get no shots at all.

The article at the link also notes that this data was gathered when 10 and 11 year olds were not eligible to get COVID shots. Thus all 10 and 11 year olds at that time fell into the unvaccinated category, where the death rate was low. However, since October 31, 2021, kids in Great Britain in these age brackets began getting shots, which means that we should expect deaths in these age brackets to rise. This also suggests the 52 times increase in childhood deaths caused by the COVID shots is likely understated.

Since the chances of death from the Wuhan virus itself among these children is practically nil, it is insane to give them these shots. Any government official who advocates it, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, should be fired at once. At a minimum, such fools should certainly not be listened to or used as a guide for establishing any government health policy.

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  • Bobby Hill

    Another recipient of the Herman Cain award. Your Covid denialism is responsible for prolonging the pandemic and tragedies like this. I am glad to see talk of holding people accountable for profiteering and other malfeasance during the pandemic. Bob is a small fish in this, but we can hope that the accounting reaches down to his level. I would like to see it.

  • Andrew_W

    This stinks of data being misrepresented by idiots determined to believe vaccine bad. There are several countries with high vaccination rates in younger age groups, if vaccination resulted in a 50 fold increase in child deaths it would quickly be noticed.

  • Andrew_W

    My guess is that vaccination has been weighted heavily towards child’s with preexisting health conditions.

  • Andrew_W: Nice of you to guess. You might look at the original article. This is the full data set, not weighted for any conditions.

  • Tom

    Bobby Hill is 100% shoot the messenger on this … and from the hip, too. No informed rebuttal, no follow up questions and, most of all, no civility. Bobby sees, “profiteering and other malfeasance” instead of honest discussion and debate. He would have been a mover and shaker during Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” (but not in any good way).

  • Andrew_W

    Mr Zimmerman, the article does not address the issue of self (or rather parental) selection of those children vaccinated due to them being at higher risk of complications from covid – and also of higher risk of succumbing to their existing ailments.

  • Icepilot

    Don’t go posting a link to Bob’s article on “Ars Technica” (a generally good website on new technology), because it will get you banned.

  • Slim

    Fauci has a long history of killing little kids, viz, orphaned blak and hispanic babies and children during the 1980s who were being housed at the Incarnation Childrens Center which is an affiliate of Catholic Charities which in turn has ties to the sinister George Soros/Dark Web Democrat Party. During that time Fauci experimented on these infants and children with his idea of unapproved “medicine” including submitting them to his vile tests. Afterwards, he murdered them all and had them buried in Westchester, New York. Relatives of those babies and children had no idea the children were being used by the Fauci Mengele Monster, experiments and testing on children he continues today covertly.

  • Shaw

    The only 12-15 year olds advised to get the shot were the ones who were at risk. The decision was made in September 2021, while the data seems to incorporate deaths from January 2021.

    ‘ Scientists not backing Covid jabs for 12 to 15-year-olds’
    (September 3, 2021)
    “The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation did advise widening the existing vaccine programme to include an extra 200,000 teenagers with specific underlying conditions..”

  • Andrew_W

    Shaw, thanks, good informative link.

  • Robert F

    Sorry to hear about the state trooper. I would say from the perspective of a 64 year old that the poor fellow didn’t look all that healthy. I will offset his single data point with mine. I’m unvaxxed, and living in the free state of Florida, living a typical Florida lifestyle. That means I am exposed to a ton of people, foreign and domestic. I interact at work, parties, hotels, restaurants and airplanes. So far 5 people I know got the virus. Symptoms ranged from mild cold to bad flu. I myself got a bad flu that wasn’t the virus. For myself, I consider the risk of the vaccine to be much greater than the virus itself. So I will remain unvaxxed.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Bob – as the Moderator of BtB, you have a responsibility to bring some context to this debate when commenters start throwing around Dr. Mengele references.
    I am obviously not a defender of Dr. Fauci nor any member of the various American Public Health bureaucracies or elected Politicians who enabled the Authoritarianism and Medical Tyranny we have all experienced. I follow many of the same sources (e.g. substack of Alex Berenson), and I have read the following books: Faucian Bargain, Chaos Under Heaven, What Really Happened In Wuhan, In Trump Time, and The Real Anthony Fauci. Fauci is a corrupt, bullying, unethical, bureaucratic tyrant masquerading as a caring and compassionate doctor promoting ‘the Greater Good’ of the American people. Moreover I have watched Fauci’s Congressional testimonies and it’s apparent how this person lasted 55 years in the Federal Bureaucracy.

    But rhetorical torching of our opponents, if taken to an extreme, may eventually burn the side wielding the torch.

    Your article is a stomach turner especially because it involves children, so it’s natural to want to equate Fauci with Mengele. But here’s a question – if we accuse Dr. Fauci as being equivalent to Dr. Mengele – who would be the Dr, Mengele in Israel which was the first country to roll out COVID Booster doses and which has aggressively vaxxed children?

    I think we need to take a wider perspective and analyze thoroughly “Why have Western Societies succumbed to Covid Authoritarianism, and how have their responses differed?”

    Let’s look at Israel as a test case. Why did the Israel Government make such disastrous decisions regarding the COVID Vaccines?

    Given my admittedly limited knowledge of Israel history and culture, this is an educated guess. I think the elites of Israel Society viewed COVID as a potential existential threat similar to the Iranian Nuclear & Missile Programs. Israel is used to being under siege. Just 8 months ago Israel combatted the missile barrage from Gaza and won a technocratic military victory. Perhaps Israeli Elites believed their country would accept Medical Tyranny for a year or two in the name of national survival.
    However these elites are now exhausted and know that Omicron will sweep through the population whether vaccinated or not. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the Health Ministry’s top public health official at the beginning of January admitted as much and stated “There is no control of the omicron wave”.

    But as some of the Israeli medical establishment pull back, what can we expect from elite Politicians & Bureaucrats. This is predictable – they will never admit fault so, as C J Hopkins recently stated in general about COVIDSTAN Politicians, “There’s going to be a veritable tsunami of desperate rationalizing, strenuous denying, shameless blame-shifting, and other forms of a$$-covering”.

    My point is that COVIDSTAN is a worldwide phenomenon which had different underlying dynamics in each country. But if we cannot point to a specific ‘evil Dr. Mengele’ figure in each country, then we should not use that moniker for Fauci. Personally I think each country should hold the COVID equivalent of a Truth & Reconciliation Committee to deal with the self inflicted wounds of COVIDSTAN.

  • wayne

    Original Mark–
    Much like the United States, Israel is filled with marxist progressives, and a fair number of self-hating jews.

    Mengele: Unmasking the “Angel of Death”
    David Marwell (June 2021)

  • wayne

    U.S.A. v. Karl Brandt et al.:
    “The Doctors’ Trial” (1946-47)

    “Karl Brandt and six other defendants were convicted, sentenced to death, and executed; nine defendants were convicted and sentenced to terms in prison; and seven defendants were acquitted.”

    The Indictments:
    Four counts:
    1) Conspiracy to commit war crimes against humanity: The ordering, planning, and organization of the war crimes and crimes against humanity charged in counts two and three.
    2) War crimes: Charged against all defendants. 15 guilty, 8 acquitted.
    3) Crimes against humanity: Charged against all defendants. 15 guilty, 8 acquitted.
    4) Membership in a criminal organization: Membership in the SS. Charged against K. Brandt, Genzken, Gebhardt, R. Brandt, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Sievers, Brack, Hoven, and Fischer. All found guilty.

    Experiments and other “medical” crimes itemized in counts 2 and 3:

    #3) “Malaria experiments. February 1942 – April 1945. Conducted to test immunization for and treatment of malaria; experiments were conducted on more than 1000 prisoners at Dachau.”
    #8) “Epidemic jaundice experiments. June 1943 – January 1945. Conducted for the benefit of the German armed forces to investigate causes of and inoculations against epidemic jaundice; experiments were conducted on Polish prisoners at Sachsenhausen and Natzweiler camps.
    #9) “Typhus (“spotted fever”) and other vaccine experiments. December 1941 – February 1945. Conducted for the benefit of the German armed forces to test the effectiveness of vaccines against typhus, smallpox, cholera, and other diseases; experiments were conducted at Buchenwald and Natzweiler.”
    #14) “Tubercular Polish nationals. May 1942 – January 1944. Polish nationals alleged to have incurable tuberculosis were imprisoned or killed on the pretext of protecting the health of Germans in Poland.”
    #15) “Euthanasia. September 1939 – April 1945. Involved the secret killing of the aged, insane, incurably ill, deformed children, and others, beginning at asylums in Germany and later in the camps and occupied territories.”

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Wayne – the description of the video you linked to on Unmasking Mengele states:
    “Who was Josef Mengele? After the end of the Holocaust, the German physician has been increasingly viewed as the personification of supreme evil both in the minds of survivors and the public at large. In this lecture based on his highly acclaimed book “Mengele,” David Marwell untangles history and myth surrounding the man known variously as the Angel of Death and the good uncle, suggesting that Mengele was not so much a uniquely monstrous perpetrator, but more a willing part of a monstrous machine of destruction.”

    Yes I see the argument can be made that Mengele was “more a willing part of a monstrous machine of destruction”.
    Let’s consider the nature of that ‘machine’ in relation to how the elites in Israel reacted to the COVID Pandemic.
    Can anyone on BtB name the Israelis who participated in a meeting at the beginning of COVID that was the equivalent of the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942, where senior Nazi officials met to determine the manner in which the so-called “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” would be best implemented?

  • wayne

    Jordan B. Peterson
    2015 Personality Lecture 13:
    “Existentialism: Nazi Germany and the USSR”

    (Random Fun Factoid: ->Microchip designer Jim Keller, is Jordan Peterson’s brother-in-law.)

  • Victoria

    A certain number of jabbed children who died were very sick and would have tended toward a higher death rate anyway. But not all of them. None of them should have been experimented on.

  • Cotour

    My input?

    “My Why Kids” 30 sec.

    By the numbers, children under 17 as I understand it are likely to survive Covid 99.995% of the time. And at that survival rate they have not had an experimental drug injected into their bodies. An experimental drug that it is unknown and unknowable as to its potential effects on their still developing bodies.

    Am I saying that if you are an adult and have the several health risks that may pose a threat to you should you contract Covid that you not consider taking the “Vaccine”? No, not at all.

    You and whomever you consult with on your health concerns should be able to weigh the risks and benefits and choose for yourself. Rational thought would indicate that with risk, and an experimental drug by definition contains inherent risk, that there be choice. (This is not rocket science)

    Something is very wrong in America today and this is but one extreme example of it. WHY THE CHILDREN!?

    That being said.

    And now let’s remember something like the guidance on the Georgia Guidestones. Where it came from, no one really knows. But there it is all the same. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Sounds just like an AOC or some other ideologically Constitutionally opposed elite disconnected “Social justice warrior” political leader zealot who knows what’s best for everyone. They may not know what a garbage disposal is, but they know what’s best for everyone.

    Yes, something is amiss in America today IMO.

    Georgia Guidestone content:

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
    3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
    5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10.Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

    (Too bad for the 7.3 or so billion unlucky “Extra” people in the world. How is it proposed that they “Fade” away so the world can be “properly” balanced? I know it sounds extreme and a bit too dystopian, but you explain to me the irrational actions of our own government regarding injecting this “Vaccine” into the youngest children in America. Explain it to me, it’s not rocket science. I’m waiting)

  • pawn

    The hyperbole abounds.

    The root issue there is freedom of choice and personal responsibility.

    All vaccines carry a risk. I developed a mild case of polio from the Sabin vaccine and spent a couple of my younger years in leg braces.

    My parents made the decision and lived with the consequences. They made the best decision they could at the time. This is how it should be.

    It’s not the vaccine that is the problem, it’s the best known treatment of this type known at this time. The problem is with the over reaching authoritarian mandates.

  • Bobby Hill

    Tom is right. I am 100% advocating for punishing the messenger when the messengers are purposefully and knowingly spreading a false message for personal, politIcal, or monetary gain. People are starting to realize that is a crime and are looking at the. Dry real possibility to investigate and prosecute. I will argue that Bob is intentionally spreading false information, that is prolonging the pandemic and hindering a reasonable and effective medical response, and that is causing excess deaths. We’ve gone long enough giving wide leeway to the fringe cooks and their right to say whatever they want.

  • wayne

    Dave Smith & Michael Malice
    “On The Red Pill” (Dec. 2020)

    “Everything is {expletive.} Everything you perceive to be reality is {expletive.} The entire meta-narrative that is constructed around you, is {expletive}, and it’s {expletive}, to enslave you.”

  • Cotour


    Do you mean related to the actions of the government and their extreme forced compulsive actions, or the public as they interpret what they see before their very own eyeballs?

    Explain to me what is meant by the “Great Reset”.

    “In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy”. Thats not me, that is clearly and unambiguously stated by those at the World Economic Forum”.

    I have not made that up, no hyperbole here.

    When someone who has the intent and the capability to hurt you and they tell you so, believe them.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Wayne – regarding the ‘reality is {expletive.} ‘…’The entire meta-narrative that …is {expletive}’, and ‘it’s {expletive}, to enslave you’, please refer to my reply to your comment on the post below on the Jan 28th Batchelor Podcast featuring Mr. Z.
    I think my comment accurately sums up where our current society stands versus ‘reality’ and meta-narratives.

  • Cotour

    Bobby Hill:

    Is that 100% disinformation, or is it 99.995% disinformation?

    Not too much difference there between the two IMO.

    Is it 1 / 5000th’s of a difference?

  • Clarke Acton

    Bobby Hill – I wish you were smart enough to point out the misinformation you speak of, but apparently you are not. I like math and statistics and always play devils advocate. I really appreciate the smart people here pointing out possible statistical anomalies. Bobby Hill it appears you have nothing important to add to the conversation regarding data validity or statistical background noise.

    You should probably leave the message board and go back to gaming or whatever you were dong before

  • Pete

    If the experimental, genetically modified mRNA shots and the adenoviral vector shot were actually “safe and effective”, as the political tyrants and their cultish followers repeatedly scream:
    1. Why are all 3 shots STILL only granted FDA permission under the EUA (experimental use authorization)?
    2. Why are the Big Pharma companies STILL granted blanket legal immunity from lawsuits due to side effects from these shots?
    3. Why do we have reports from multiple countries, like Israel, Britain and Iceland, which have >80% “fully vaxxed” and 50-60% “boosted” populations, showing the vast majority of new COVID hospitalizations and deaths are in the “vaxxed” population?
    4. Why, when the war criminal Fauci and his acolytes stated the omicron variant had 35-50 mutations to the spike protein from the original and delta strains – which were not covered by the experimental shots – does it make ANY scientific sense to take boosters of the same experimental shot that the tyrants admit doesn’t protect against the mutated omicron variant?

    In a just nation with a free and independent media, there would be in depth stories examining the recently revealed Defense Department medical data report showing the massive increases in neurologic, cardiac, cancer, and stroke deaths since forcing the experimental shots on military personnel. There would be banner headlines about the 300% increase in miscarriages since the onset of experimental shots in pregnant women. This data was reported to Senator Ron Johnson’s hearings, pulled from the database that the DoD uses to bill Tricare, based on diagmoses.

    Pfizer, Fauci, and all the polticians who have pushed the mandatory acceptance of an unproven experimental medical intervention, have the blood of millions on their hands.

  • Bobby Hill

    Haha Clarke, good one! You sure got me there with your quip about going back to gaming. Devastating retort old chap! I’m surprised you didn’t follow it up with the ole “he’s probably living in his mom’s basement.” That would have been the knockout punch.

    Having spent a lifetime in a professional technical career, I would be willing to bet my data analysis credentials against your’s. The truth is, there’s no point in arguing scientifically with any of you. You simply don’t understand the data and/or have locked onto what you want to believe so firmly you’re willing to overlook any amount of contradictory evidence. It just won’t get anywhere. So, my position stands about wanting to see legal consequences for the bad actors and profiteers in this Covid fiasco. Not much to argue there.

  • Max

    You asked a lot of questions, I decided to take a moment while “operating heavy equipment” to do a simple search to help you with your answers.

    The deal with the Devil…

    Purchasers must also “indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pfizer … from and against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses … arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the Vaccine.”

    “If you were wondering why #Ivermectin was suppressed,” Ehden wrote, “well, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID19 the contract cannot be voided.”

    You asked about Israel specifically;

    “Copy of ollaboration agreement signed by Pfizer with the Israel government. This agreement turned the citizens of Isreal into lab rats for Pfizer. Truly a criminal action in our opinion. This agreement was signed on 6 January 2021.”

    They acknowledge that Israel was a test subject in September 2021 for only Pfizer products. We know much from Israel’s transparency.

    Pfizer announced that is making an additional 1.8 billion doses for an increased price of $24 a shot. Do the math. They’re ramping up for injecting all children… Even though no children have died without a existing medical issue. (it’s been demonstrated in many countries that more children have died from the shot than the virus)

    “It’s not a question of whether Big Pharma are pulling levers to crush cheap drugs. With billions at stake, Pfizer and other companies would be crazy, nutso, bonkers, and doing their shareholders a disservice if they did not lobby, cajole, scare, smear and call in all their favours to make sure there would never be a cheap safe alternative.”

    Why are the drug companies so profitable? Because of the government allowed Monopoly with no repercussions. Racketeering by the pharmaceutical companies, costs paid for by taxpayers, no advertising, no testing costs. Unbelievable markup without Shame giving record profits to insider trading congressman who has stock in a public/private/military government owned vaccine.
    And the worst thing of all? The vaccines do not work.
    It’s a vehicle to destroy freedom.

    “The CDC Director has repeatedly stated that the Covid jab “does not prevent transmission.” Why the need for a vaccine ID passport? You know why.”

    “these investigators don’t dare ask about the “vaccine.” If a patient had Covid at the time of death, that will be added, but there is never any mention of complications after receiving the jab. So when the documents are passed on to the medical examiner to sign, they have no way of knowing if the person had been vaccinated.”

    Look up “your batch number” to see if you were one of the unlucky ones. (About 5% of the shots)

    The news on the radio has been announcing Fauci’s complicit blocking of Chinese involvement all weekend. (Fauci lied, people died)

    Of course Pfizer and the FDA does not want the truth to come out, asked for 75 years to produce the data on a court ordered freedom of information. The judge ordered a minimum out per month to which Pfizer is asking for it to be heavily redacted. Most likely the whistleblower information is true, they falsified all the data.

    A world famous lawyer that specializes in vaccine law explains why pharmaceuticals need children to be vaccinated.

    The shots were designed as a eugenics solution to get rid of the population with low immune system or poor health. The weakest among us will die first and any children that receive the shot most likely will never have children. If everyone is forced to get vaccinated, there will be no unvaccinated group to compared to except maybe the Amish. The new normal will include a specialist for most women get pregnant… Most likely from a healthy donor.
    As the article above shows, that the influence of the chemicals and compounds in the shot multiply with every jab.
    The only thing I can relate this to is a pyramid scheme where individuals try to sign me up to take my money so they can get a return on the money “they” threw away. Misery does love company because they feel less foolish when there is so many foolish occupying the same ditch.

  • Cotour


    The power of fear and wanting, needing to belong and obey.

    Did I say frightening? I meant horrific.

    If this turns out to be so then what in the long term is to be done?

    Its too late when its too late.

  • Chris

    I am sure your “lifetime in a professional technical career” is so great it quashes the credentials of the multiple people I have come to know on this site. So we will sit humbled by your greater intellect and look on in awe…


    No one owns the truth. Open data (and how that data was collected) with open analysis is required to come to the truth – or as close to the truth as we can. Open debate over hypothesis is required to move toward to the truth.

    With the last two plus years of COVID we have seen the suppression of anyone of any consequence who dares question the narrative, asks for data, questions data analysis, provides any alternative ideas …etc. Mr Z can provide many instances. Many of the instances of suppression is not just suppression but ruination.

    The recent reaction of the great medical minds of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and the royals (Megan and Hank) to Joe Rogan’s interview of Robert Malone is just one instance of trying to quash any opposing view. That Malone guy (BSc MSc, MD) can’t know what he’s talking about compared to medical minds of these talented musicians!
    These patents (yeah that’s a google site) must be all fabrications by Dr Malone.

    Note that I’m not saying that Dr Malone should be heard just because he’s a doctor and has these patents but because his arguments make sense. Is he right – dunno – his arguments need data and proof like any other; but he has a right to speak. Those who would round people who question authority or the prevailing science sound scary to me.

    A bunch of people signed the Great Barrington Declaration – many with really good data analysis credentials. From looking at the declaration and the people on the first page signing it could be argued that these people are signing something that could hurt their careers. They all are researchers who rely on research funding that could be curtailed by those who like the whining of Neil Young. However – their desire is to seek the truth with open debate.

    Meanwhile Bobby … your data analysis … your only link is a single case.

  • Mike Borgelt

    “So, my position stands about wanting to see legal consequences for the bad actors and profiteers in this Covid fiasco. ”

    Agree. So who are the bad actors and profiteers? Fauci, Birx, Pfizer, most of the governments of the world. Any company demanding a vaccine mandate for employees, members of the medical profession who see the damage and won’t speak out, etc etc. I happy for them all to be tried, convicted and executed.

    It isn’t even as though the vaccines actually work as is evident by many more cases since the vaccination campaign than before it.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Bobby Hill.
    You claim day analysis credentials but come here with an anecdotal story to deflect from the story of potential harm of the vaccines on younger recipients.

    So you failed out of the gate.

    You want to “shoot the messenger” while failing to disprove the message. Please address the issue at hand, else you fail to being nothing but an ad hominem attack.

    “People are starting to realize…” … This is a flaccid fantasy. Present a fact to back up this specific statement please, without using some fringe liberal politician saying they want to prosecute as an anecdotal example. They have no such authority.

    The article of the man’s death is horrible. You bring the worst of social media here, trouncing on this man’s tragedy. You remind us why some of us avoid the sickness that resides on those platforms.

    Notably tho, there is no mention of possible co morbidity for this man. 75% of the deaths had four or more comorbidities, according to the CDC. What is missing here is the data for the remaining 25 percent. How many had three, or two or even one comorbidity.

    This data is not insignificant. It matters more than your raving about fictional prosecutions.

    I will not bid you to leave, however. Just find real data rather than just ejaculating emotionally through your keyboard.

  • pzatchok

    I have a few quick questions for the really smart people.

    On what day could we (the USA) have reached 100% coverage if 100% of the American people were willing to take it?

    On what day did the second variant come out? And on what day did we know for a fact that the original; vaccine worked against it also?

    On what day did we reach 900 million doses produced? The first day we could have reached 100% double dose coverage.

    And if the US government actually cared about you why were we giving doses away for free to other nations even before then?
    And why did we never close our boarders?

    And now that we know for a fact that animals other than humans can carry and transmit the virus what are we going to do about that?
    Look up Ohio state and white tail deer if yo think I lie. Zoo animals also carry it. Its not just domesticated dogs and cats that can carry it.

    And now that we all know that the vaccine does not work as advertised and that the virus is carried by wild animals exactly why are people still bitching about the un vaccinated?

    This virus is not polio, We could never have stopped it.

  • pzatchok

    Polio was a very very slow moving virus which gave us a chance to catch up to and stop it.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    pzatchok – can I get your reaction to a personal story?
    My sister is a totally non political person who has been wound up these past two years by the fear mongering politicians and public health bureaucrats. Because of her own shaky health and other vulnerable people in our family (one who recently went thru cancer treatments and an 88 year old with a very serious heart condition), my sister got the two Pfizer shots and the booster. I personally had to stay with my sister after the booster because the second jab gave her the precursors of anaphylactic shock. So after the booster, I had an epipen ready, but fortunately my sister did not have any serious reaction to the booster. In the past ten days my sister dutifully picked up the government provided test kits for her family. Now just this last Thursday my sister came down with COVID. She did experience COVID symptoms and I explained to her that she most likely had OMICRON and that she should recover quickly without the COVID going deep into her lungs. Finally, over the weekend, I was able to explain to her that getting OMICRON would give her natural immunity and that she didn’t need to get any more boosters. My sister was greatly relieved and so am I.
    So one aspect of my story is that while we may have righteous anger at our failed Elites, Life on a personal day to day basis is messy, and I believe most Americans have tried to muddle through COVIDSTAN while trying live their lives.
    Keep in mind that I’m reasonably educated on the malfeasance of the various American Public Health bureaucracies and elected Politicians who enabled the Authoritarianism and Medical Tyranny we have all experienced. IMO Fauci is a corrupt, bullying, unethical, bureaucratic tyrant masquerading as a caring and compassionate doctor promoting ‘the Greater Good’ of the American people. The sources I follow are very critical of COVIDSTAN (e.g. substack of Alex Berenson), and I have read the following books: Faucian Bargain, Chaos Under Heaven, What Really Happened In Wuhan, In Trump Time, and The Real Anthony Fauci.

  • Bobby Hill

    As I’ve said, trying to reason with you using facts and logic is not possible. You are lost causes because you either don’t understand or don’t want to. You can’t drag me into that rabbit hole of an argument about Covid statistics because there just isn’t any point. I mentioned my perspective only because Clarke made some comments that hinted at assumptions about my qualifications. My only position from the beginning is that just as so many of your screech for accountability for the imagined malfeasance of governments and medical professionals that you so desperately want to believe exist, I too want to see accountability for the people I see responsible for spreading false information and for making a profit off of the same. I have observed Robert Z provide bogus Covid information from questionable sources, distort data to fit his preferred narrative, rant about loss of freedoms, complain about his feelings of persecution, then ask for money to fight it. It’s a very predictable grift that a lot of people are performing at the moment. We will see where this goes in due time.

  • Jeff Wright

    Still, if a child does die due to a vaccine…he’s just as 100% dead as he would be had he died from Covid—-an even rarer occurrence. Nothing generates retractions like medicine due to everyone having a unique body chemistry. Some kids have a bad peanut allergy so you have to watch the Halloween candy. What we don’t need are fascists like Bobby stifling dissent.

  • Chris

    Bobby – Your conjecture is not fact.

  • suburbanbanshee

    Actually, the man who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones is known, by his real name. And they were made for him by local craftsmen who usually made gravestones.

    Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World did two podcasts about the Guidestones; although if you want to jump to the solution of the mystery, he also has links to the researchers who found out about the true identity of “R.C. Christian.”

  • Bobby Hill

    Chris, very astute observation (sarcasm intended). I can’t believe how easily folks fall for this grift. I have made my opinion clear that Bob Z is attempting to profit off of gullible covid deniers. Here’s another example. The source of data he used for this post, is itself the EXACT same grift. From the website he references:

    Who we are…
    The Exposé is run by extremely ordinary, hardworking people who are sick and tired of the fear-mongering, lies and propaganda perpetuated by the mainstream media. We felt it was our duty to bring you the facts that the mainstream refuse to, and now here we are.

    We believe our work speaks for itself, and we hope you do too.

    Our mission:
    Our aim is to bring you, honest, trustworthy and reliable journalism. We do it for you, and you alone.
    If you’d like to support us in our mission to keep bringing you the facts the mainstream refuse to then you can do so via PayPal, Card Payment, or via cryptocurrency.

    Recognize the plot line? Misrepresent data, demonize the true experts and reporting, claim some sort of persecution, then ask for money. Its the exact same thing! Grift upon grift upon grift. It’s grift all the way down to Bob’s level.

  • DefendUSA

    Wow. The Brits are good at the raw data. I’ve been seeing the stats for the non-inoculated in actuality NOT causing the “excess” deaths, but it is among the fully inoculated across all age demographics. If it doesn’t fit the Karen narrative, the screaming commences and those of us with natural immunity are “dummies” and should shut up and get the shot. Rumsfeld was right. Some things you can’t fix.

  • Alex Andrite

    I get to be the #42 comment.
    Thanks for all the fish !

    Good one Mr. Z., keep up the good work, and especially the cool “images”.


  • Max

    Wow, looks like Bob has a stalker.

    There are fanatical believers in every cult…

    There was Russian scientist also disapproved of those who had different views than his, he would blacklist, in prison, and even kill any rivals… even though his theories were proven to be wrong.

    Bobby Hill said;
    “Recognize the plot line? Misrepresent data, demonize the true experts and reporting”
    Bobby, try going after these so-called experts.

    And this is a old small list.

    Keep in mind every journalist that has been blackballed, delisted and D monetized has had asked for donations to continue to perform their job on their own. If the public likes and supports what they have to say, then their work will continue.
    I know that Facebook, Twitter, and others will do everything they can to control the narrative and stop the freedom of speech of others… Just as you’re attempting to do. ( just as the media is doing to Joe Rogan right now, for interviewing the wrong person)
    Without facts to back up what you say, they are empty words.
    You’re bullying tactics will not work here, we see through you.

    How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky:

    There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

    Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.
    Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible; poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
    Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
    Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you are able to create a police state.
    Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).
    Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.
    Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the government and schools.
    Class Welfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more disconnect, and it will be easier to take (tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Does this sound like what is happening to the United States of America?

    Saul Alinsky merely simplified Vladimir Lenin’s original scheme for world conquest by communism, under Russian rule. Stalin described his converts as “Useful Idiots”

    The Useful idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control. It is presently happening at an alarming rate in the US. “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”.

  • Bobby Hill

    The “Great Barrington Declaration” Max? You should be embarrassed. I don’t need to go after those so-called experts as plenty of people already have. There are more than enough sources on the web explaining why that’s garbage. Just pitiful.

    This is old but still valid:

    But again, I’m not here to argue Covid policy with anyone. I know folks here are not open to true information because it doesn’t fit their narrative. My beef is with people using this pandemic for profit.

  • (HT: commenter “Cash” over at Instapundit)

    They told us that economy-destroying lockdowns would “stop the spread.”
    They told us we had “15 days to flatten the curve.”
    They told us that if we masked while walking to our restaurant table this would stop the spread.
    They told us that if we stood at the beach, but did not sit … this would stop the spread.
    They told us that it was ok to shutter small businesses but leave big box stores open.
    They told us that paddleboarding or surfing in the ocean was a superspreader event.
    They told us that BLM rioters didn’t need to mask and socially distance.
    … while they went maskless themselves after mandating that we use them …
    They told us that closing campgrounds and beaches and lakes would stop the spread.
    They told us that the vax would keep us from getting and spreading covid.
    They told us that the vax was “perfectly safe.”
    They told us that masking our small children would protect the fully vaxxed teachers.
    They told us that the virus came from a “wet market in Wuhan.”
    They told us that it was “just a coincidence” that the virus erupted in Wuhan, just down the street from the Wuhan Death Virus Lab.
    They told us that we were “Raacists!!” if we said the virus came from China.
    … or hesitate to join in Chinese New Year celebrations in early 2020 …
    They told us we shouldnt consider it important that Fauci and his agencies were funding “gain of function” research on bat coronaviruses in Wuhan.

    Bobby, this is what you have led yourself to believe in, simply because it comes from “established authority”.

    But there is one difference between the perpetrators of the above, and Bob: unlike Bob, they had the coercive force to impose their will upon us … deny our kids over a year of education …. kill off small businesses … prevent worshipers from attending church … delay medical treatment (something that affected me directly) … totally distort our economy.

    That is, when it was not killing off seniors in nursing homes because those with coercive force mandated that COVID-positive patients be returned to them.

    And guess what? It still spread and spiked, more than once, even in the highly locked-down blue states.

    But outside the elderly/comorbidity demographics, COVID was not the universal threat your heroes made it out to be.

    Over almost two years, it killed (if we assume that all reported COVID deaths are “from COVID” as opposed to “with COVID”)about the same number of people we lose to heart disease in a single year. Are you ready, to achieve the zero risk your heroes demand, to dictate people’s diets and weld their refrigerators shut?

    You don’t need a Ph.D. to pose serious questions to “established authority,” especially when they are inconsistent in enforcing, or even following themselves, their directives. Or when they can’t even quantitatively determine the effectiveness of masks in a non-clinical environment. Or when they can’t differentiate between “dying from COVID” and “dying with COVID”.

    They are not offering science. They are offering beliefs and opinions as justifications for applying coercive force, that applying a little common sense reveals do not rise to the level to justify that coercive force.

    And you lack the confidence in your own common sense to question them. And you want to punish others for exercising their common sense … as opposed to respecting Coutur’s dictum: where there is risk, there must be choice.

    BTW, I had the original COVID in January 2021 … took the Moderna series in May 2021 … got COVID (likely Omicron) in December 2021. And I’m in my sixties with more than one comorbidity. So I likely have as much/more skin in this game than you do, busybody.

    One more thing … over this past weekend, I was in the hospital for a non-COVID problem, and I overheard the nursing staff (a good staff in terms of patient care, BTW) discussing the approaching vaccine mandates in their hospital system. Many of them … who unlike Fauci and his ilk, have as much/more skin in the game as/than I do … stated they would not submit to the mandate.

    Enough of that happens, and there will not be enough staff to handle the demand for non-COVID care, even as we come to the realization that the pandemic is now endemic and even less of a threat than it was in 2020.

  • Bob … oops. Looks like I didn’t close the em tag at the end of the line about Chinese New Year.

    Please repair – thanks.

  • David M. Cook

    Bobby Hill: Keep eating your Soylent Green! The government provides it free for your benefit! Fauci sez it‘s made from soybeans and green plants-very healthy!

  • Edward

    BtB’s Original Mark wrote: “Bob – as the Moderator of BtB, you have a responsibility to bring some context to this debate when commenters start throwing around Dr. Mengele references.

    And thus would start the slippery slope to censorship.

    Bobby Hill wrote: “Tom is right. I am 100% advocating for punishing the messenger when the messengers are purposefully and knowingly spreading a false message for personal, politIcal, or monetary gain.

    Monetary gain, like the pharmaceutical companies and the politicians and “experts” who are heavily invested in them? They must be who Bobby has a beef with.

    So, Bobby is in favor of punishing the politicians and supposed experts who have given us lockdowns, masks, and faux vaccines, because they have themselves given us false messages and contradicted themselves. He has a closed mind and demands an emotional response to punish those who were right all along. Some people followed the science. Too bad it was not our fearful leaders, who told us to do all the wrong things.

    I can’t believe how easily folks fall for this grift.

    Even though Bobby fell for it from politicians, of all people. How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving. Bobby bought it hook, line, sinker, rod, and reel.

    Recognize the plot line? Misrepresent data, demonize the true experts and reporting, claim some sort of persecution

    Why, yes, I do recognize it. It is exactly what Bobby is doing right here. He is the grifter.

    But again, I’m not here to argue Covid policy with anyone. I know folks here are not open to true information because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Actually, the true information, which has been coming out for more than a year, conflicts with Bobby’s narrative, and it is he who is not open to it, as he proves with every one of his comments, especially through his refusal to provide any information that he believes to be true. Obviously, he does not know what information is true but will blindly follow the most recent decree by those he follows. Max may be right, Bobby may be a Saul Alinsky victim.

    Having spent a lifetime in a professional technical career, I would be willing to bet my data analysis credentials against your’s. The truth is, there’s no point in arguing scientifically with any of you. You simply don’t understand the data and/or have locked onto what you want to believe so firmly you’re willing to overlook any amount of contradictory evidence.

    Bobby lost that bet. If he actually had those credentials then he would have presented his data, references, and analysis, as many of us here do. He would know that we are fellow technical professionals and would treat us with the respect he claims to deserve. Instead, he projects his incompetence onto the rest of us. If Bobby actually had those credentials then he would know that we could be persuaded by true analysis, but he does not, so he does not. It is so easy to spot a poser.

    No wonder many non-technical commenters spotted him. There is no assumption that he lacks the credentials that he claims; he proves it all by himself, claiming that actual medical doctors are “questionable sources,” whereas he claims to only be a non-medical technician.

    What is even worse for Bobby’s case, Robert does not have a career in science, engineering, or technology yet is able to do a far, far better job of technical and scientific analysis than Bobby does. Robert, in his non-technical career, has clearly learned more of these professions than Bobby.

    Jester Naybor wrote: “… delay medical treatment (something that affected me directly) …

    You and me, both. For me, it was a lost crown, almost a week into the Great Oppression, and I had to wait almost three months until the dentists could resume their practices. I know someone who was diagnosed with kidney stones just before the Great Oppression and his treatment was delayed by a year, almost to the day.

  • Max

    Jester Naybor,
    Well said!
    There has been a lot of good comments in this thread, it gives me hope that the lie, lie, lie hasn’t fooled everyone or gone too far.

    Bobby Hill;
    I provided a link with thousands of professional doctors who are willing to sacrifice their careers because they know what is happening is wrong.
    Many of them are specialists in virology… People who know what they’re talking about. You may easily discount commenters on Zimmerman’s website but no way so many professionals from the best schools on earth. It should give you pause…
    There is nothing in the Barrington declaration that hasn’t been practiced effectively around the world for most of human existence. (Because it works)
    It is the pharmaceuticals fervent mission to change what works and substitute ineffectual chemistry to make everyone “believe, and have faith” in a “unproven experimental technology” that only their miracle drugs can save you… and the human race.
    The reality is the snake oil they’re peddling is doing more harm than good. It’s becoming apparently clear that they are not the solution but rather the problem… They market their cure, which works so well, they must use the force of government and law to force everyone to receive it… No freedom of choice! Suspending the constitution for a disease that 99% of the people survive. Disease so terrible that you must take a test to find out if you have it!

    Bobby Hill Said;
    “But again, I’m not here to argue Covid policy with anyone. I know folks here are not open to true information because it doesn’t fit their narrative. My beef is with people using this pandemic for profit.”

    Well then Bobby, here you go…

    ” profits from Big Tech firms Pelosi is responsible for regulating”
    “Pelosi herself has a net worth of $120 million on a $220,000 salary”
    But she’s not the only one…
    “Insider just completed a five‑month investigation finding that 49 Members of Congress and 182 senior Congressional staffers have violated the STOCK Act”
    I believe I heard that there’s five pharmaceutical lobbyist for every one of all the others. Don’t get me started on CDC directors who sell out and join the board of pharmaceuticals after approving their drugs…

    Pete wrote;
    “In a just nation with a free and independent media, there would be in depth stories examining the recently revealed Defense Department medical data report showing the massive increases in neurologic, cardiac, cancer, and stroke deaths since forcing the experimental shots on military personnel. There would be banner headlines about the 300% increase in miscarriages since the onset of experimental shots in pregnant women. This data was reported to Senator Ron Johnson’s hearings, pulled from the database that the DoD uses to bill Tricare”

    When I wrote in a comment above about the MRNA vaccines cause sterility making pregnancies difficult, I forgot to put the link that Pete was talking about as a reference.
    Documentation submitted before Congress.

    Along with the 300% increase in miscarriages, we also have a 150% increase in birth defects.
    Men, if you want things not to work for you, we saw the average at 2100 for male infertility jump to 7551. That’s a 350% increase.
    Female infertility increased by 471%.

  • pzatchok

    BtB’s Original Mark

    I have a personal story close to yours.

    My little brother has MS. He is in a nursing home for the rest of his life.
    When all this started they closed the nursing homes to ALL outside visitors for a year,
    During this first year the home had two serious outbreaks of Covid brought in by staff. We do not know how many died but their is now one wing dedicated to covid cases.
    Then they said we could see him one person at a time if we had our shots. I took my first two just to see him.
    Then they closed it down again for another outbreak. This time my brother got it also.
    My brother has not been able to leave the home since this started. Over two years.
    Weeks after he got the vid the home forced him to get the vaccine or move out.

    Both my parents have heart problems. They are in their 70’s. Both got the vid, Independently, they are divorced. Both lived without hospitalization.

    I myself even got the vid after I got the shots.

    I am not a vaccine denier but I am a realist and look at the evidence that is staring me in the face.
    The vax does not work as advertised.
    Nature has changed the virus into a weaker version of itself just like all other viruses eventually do.
    The virus is now being transmitted by animals in the wild.

    The vaccine fanatics have been beaten by nature itself. We can not vaccinate our self out of this.

    We are now down to protect yourself as best as possible and hope for the best.

    And forgotten by most during this whole thing was our own personal choice of our own personal healthcare. My body my choice. All because trump said something someone didn’t like. Orange man bad. Trump hatred, anything he said or did would have been turned against him. And it is being turned against him and his fans.

    BtB’s Original Mark
    I feel for you and your family. Protect yourselves and do not rely on others to keep you safe.

  • You and me, both. For me, it was a lost crown, almost a week into the Great Oppression, and I had to wait almost three months until the dentists could resume their practices.

    YEOWW! Hope you didn’t lose the tooth because of it, Edward

    As for me, ironically it was the reaction to WuFlu that revealed the signs of the problem – and delayed its full identification, and interdiction, for over four months.

    In late March 2020, I started having a chronic cough. Of course my primary-care tested me for WuFlu – negative. So she started looking for other causes for the cough – eventually, we figured it out: one of the medications I was taking has the side effect of inducing a chronic cough. Changed to another medication, and the cough ceased.

    During her investigation, she ordered a chest X-Ray, and it showed “calcifications” in the area of the heart. She recommended consulting a cardiologist – which here in NY took me until July 2020 (after the initial WuFlu hysteria abated) to get done, thanks to the hassles the reaction to WuFlu generated in getting a “routine” appointment not involving acute symptoms, especially when due diligence (as opposed to blind trust in credentials) dictates you look for a specialist with more discernment than picking a name out off of an insurance list.

    Once I did get the appointment, though, the cardiologist ran one EKG and recommended one of two choices: a stress test with an angiogram chaser … or just skip the stress test and go right to the angiogram, which I did. The angiogram found a ticking time bomb: a 90%-plus blockage in the left anterior descending coronary artery (aka the “widowmaker”), requiring three stents to interdict. Even the interventional cardiologist was surprised at finding that, with me presenting with almost no symptoms.

  • Cotour

    Incredulity: The state of being unwilling or unable to believe something.

    Is it just incredulity on both sides of the conversation?

    On the one hand I cannot believe what I am reading, and I ask myself: Why is it necessary for ANY child to have what is still an experimental drug injected into their young bodies. For what reason? WHY!?

    And on the other side of the conversation are those alleged medical professionals and the political overlords that pay attention to their opinions NOT looking at the data as provided by their own systems that gather, sort it out and assess it?

    What does not make sense on its face does not make sense, and so again there must be an undisclosed reason for any action that is not clearly understood on its face. Is it just raw fear? Is it just a blanket thought process? Is it just a short term seemingly efficient solution being imposed on a long term problem that can be dealt with and managed by many other means? WHY?

    JB: Living In America 3:58 Crank it up.

    Living in America: Something is amiss in America and the world, what does not make sense does not make sense.

  • wayne

    Bobby Hill.
    Ok, so who here recognizes that name, and the cartoon from which it came?

    jeez— sorry to hear about your brother!
    An angle you might pursue— hammer away at Recipient Rights violations. (What State are you in?) It likely will not help given the current situation, (the tyranny outbreak that is engulfing us all) but at a minimum you can create a lengthy paper-trail, and ‘they’ are required to address any complaints you bring.

  • Cotour

    “My body my choice.”

    Like Democracy, my body my choice ONLY applies to those on the Left, others need not apply.

  • Cotour

    “Keep an eye on Canada”

    Trudeau (Castro?) is without doubt a fully indoctrinated Socialist and Globalist and is drawing a bright line between Globalist “Great reset” domination, obedience and control and true freedom and Democracy.

    What side of that bright line will the country of Canada fall on? Stay tuned, because its coming.

  • Cotour

    But wait, its not just “Progressive” and “Woke” Socialist Canada, lets not forget about Nazi central, Austria:

    Its in their blood, they cannot help themselves.

    Its where the house painter with the funny little mustachio came from.

  • sippin_bourbon


    I think it is spelled Castreau up North (sarcasm).

  • Cotour

    Castreau, Castro, it’s in the blood of every Communist / Socialist, whether a bastard or not, they are naturally of a superior blood line and naturally empowered. Born to lead.

    (And prince Harry is prince Charles’s son)

    And I really do not care if one is a bastard child (If that is in fact so in either case. Looks like a duck to me in both instances), not at all.

    But please skip the “Progressive”, “Woke” sanctimonious Globalist lecturing and Socialist doctrine posturing. Please, you are a danger to yourself and others.

    Both sicken me, and Trudeau sickens me more than the “Prince”.

  • Gary

    Late to the discussion, but related to the topic..

    From a blog which references BTB often.

    Scientists: We Were Silenced By a Collective Pressure Campaign; Other Scientists Told Us To Keep Quiet (about the Chinese lab leak theory) Or We Might Not Get Funding For Our Research

  • Edward

    Jester Naybor,
    YEOWW! Hope you didn’t lose the tooth because of it, Edward

    The tooth turned out OK, but it was three nervous months of gentle eating, one-sided chewing, and careful brushing.

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