Data leaks from particle hunters raise questions about controlling scientific secrecy

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Recent data leaks from particle hunters is now raising questions among physicists about the question of controlling scientific secrecy. To me, the most significant quote from the article was this:

“Should leakers or bloggers be punished for making early findings public?

That this question is even asked by someone in the science field is disturbing. Though the leaks might be annoying and counter to the agreements the scientists signed when they joined these various projects, I wonder how the author expects such punishment to be administrated. And who would do it? And should such punishment apply to everyone, or just to the participating scientists?


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  • Blair Ivey

    If a scientist is working for DoD or a similar agency, I can understand the need and desire to keep research findings secret: accept the King’s coin and all that. In the civilian sector I don’t really see this as problem. If the leakers are wrong, then they look foolish. If theyr’e right and leak good data, so what? Especially in the case of the LHD, it’s not like someone is going to use a similar machine to claim primacy.

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