David Horowitz Takes on Muslim Students at Brooklyn College

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So who are the real hate-mongers here? David Horowitz speaks at Brooklyn College while under heavy security. To me, the key quote is this:

Mr. Horowitz began by ruefully observing, “When I went to college you didn’t need all of this security on campus, but things have changed and that’s the reason we now need checkpoints on campuses. Checkpoints are essential to defend against terrorists and Jew haters.” Adding that he has been verbally and physically assaulted on campuses around the country for his forthright views, he said, “Our campuses are controlled by liberal fascists and it is a movement to suppress the free speech rights of conservatives.”


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  • larry


    Did enjoy your books and a couple of your audio interviews, but my respect for you has fallen over the last month following your site. This post has just made me wonder where the hell are you coming from.

    I’m really a big support of space &n fiscal responsibility, but to use this guy as a baseline. Sure issues exist in academia – but grow up a bit.

    This guy is a friggin bigoted asshole. I have seen him talk, he’s a nut.


    Moving into and colonizing space won’t be done with folks like this guy. He’s not an scientist, engineer or even business guy and his view of a society is simply put nutty.

    Please don’t associated the space movment with folks like this idiot.


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