DEA steals life savings of innocent man

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Theft by government: In another example of civil forfeiture, DEA agents confiscated the life savings of a man heading to California based on no evidence.

There was no evidence of a crime, the man was never charged, but three weeks later he still has not gotten his money back.

Sean Waite, the agent in charge for the DEA in Albuquerque, said he could not comment on the Rivers case because it is ongoing. He disputed allegations that Rivers was targeted because of his race. Waite said that in general DEA agents look for “indicators” such as whether the person bought an expensive one-way ticket with cash, if the person is traveling from or to a city known as a hot spot for drug activity, if the person’s story has inconsistencies or if the large sums of money found could have been transported by more conventional means.

“We don’t have to prove that the person is guilty,” Waite said. “It’s that the money is presumed to be guilty.” [emphasis mine]

Read the whole article. This is entirely unconstitutional. The fifth amendment to the Bill of Rights expressly forbids the taking of private property “without just compensation.”

But hey, the obvious solution is to give the federal government more power! That’s what Obama and Al Sharpton want. They must be right!



  • PeterF

    Kind of sounds like Jesse James robbing a train.
    Perhaps the new Attorney General could make a civil rights case.

  • David M. Cook

    The big difference between Jesse James and the Federal government is James knew he was stealing people’s money while the feds think they are fighting crime. James also did not have the backing of the US Army and every other law enforcement agency in the country, so if you had a gun you could fight Jesse James, but you can’t really fight the feds. What we really need is to defund much of the feds enforcement capability. Remember when the FBI was prohibited from carrying firearms? Let’s get back to the concept of LOCAL law enforcement.

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